28 Jun 2012

【Art】 Hiatus + Tera

At the moment I don't have any time left over for GE. I may translate Toras quest soon though, we'll see.

I'm fulltime employed at an advertising agency this summer and I also have a running sub for NA Tera Online (lv60 Priest, babyyyy). P2P > F2P, I'll play what I've paid for before playing free stuff. Me playing Tera does NOT mean that I quit GE, oh no, I still love GE.

So, I will dump some of my most recent GE-drawings here and hope you all have a great summer!
I also have an R-18 new artwork that you may view here at your own discretion. (contains Lionel+male genital+sticky stuff)

Lionel in Indigo 9 costume.
Female Lionel in Indigo 9 costume with Indigo 9 hair.
Female Lionel in Indigo 9 costume with default hair.
Moleskinesketchbook doodles of female and male Rio.


  1. Oh mai gawd leonele is awesum!

  2. I wish the female Lionele is a real RNPC. LOL IMC should consider making her Lionele's twin-sister. :D

  3. Cute male rio! <3


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