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Name: Li
Age: 20
Occupation: Student & employed graphic and advertisment deginer

Hi, I'm Minun, or Li to those that know me well. I've been playing this game, Granado Espada, for over 4 years and counting. My in-game family started out on a non-PK server, later starting completely anew after meeting Jolteon/Plusle (whom I've had a relationship with now 3 years), who was on a PK-server.

The Minun family is lv51+3 on Bach and I have a very limited time to up that level further. I feel I've done plenty of things in game and I am happy with the equipment I have, concentrating the most on good armors but also on decent weapons. Not quite up there with the 'imba's, but I can hold my own. I've had the luck to experience many different factions: Lés, Crackspada, Divine, Athena and currently Pokemon.

This blog started out as a means to write down on my personal journey, but my love for gathering knowledge quickly took over. I've met alot of wonderful people during my playtime, and with this blog I now wish to help them and others out as much as I can. Feel free to leave a comment with questions, suggestions and what else you can think of, I will try my best to anwer you.

F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions
If you have any questions please do ask and I will add it.

Can you make a guide about [character name]?
I make guides as information is available. If there is no information then I cannot.
If you find any then feel free to link me.

Do you know anything about [character/stance/item/raid]?
If there is no information then I do not know. I also don't care about stances very much so go to ChristusX blog for such. Ashardalon also frequently updates about new items and raids on his blog.

Are you fluent in Korean/Japanese? What languages do you speak?
I am not fluent in Japanese but I get by. I do not know Korean at all.
I'm fluent in Swedish, English, German, Finnish and I understand Dutch and Norweigan.

What server do you play on? Do you have an account on S2/jGE/kGE/idGE/ruGE?
I play only on south east asian Granado Espada, Bach server. I do not have ingame accounts for any other GE.

Can you draw [character] or a costume for [character]?
Depends, feel free to ask as long as it's related to Granado Espada.
I'm very slow with requests though.

Do you draw BL/GL/R18 artwork?
... Yes I do, but I have yet to post any. I will put a warning up and possibly password protection too for those entries.

Can I add you to my friendlist ingame?
Rather not unless you think we will talk alot in private messages. I clean my friendlist every month.

Can you give/lend me vis/items/costumes?

Can you sell me items/costumes?
Unless I'm broading for it ingame, no.

Can you help me level up/power level me in SCR?
No, with the addition of Castilla AT I have stopped using pink passes alltogether.
I also cannot bend my personal time to fit anyone elses ingame.


  1. What is R-18? =O also, you mean with BL as Boys Love? If so, yay! <3

    1. R18 is basically, well.. art that you should be over 18 years old to view, ahaha.

      And indeed it is! I should add GL and het to that list too though. I draw it all.. @_@

  2. Nice to see another new update again. =]

    1. Thanks, I enjoy reading your posts on Achilles Iliad too! More stuff to read is always awesome<3


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