22 Jan 2013

【Recruitment Quest】 Heyran

STR 60 AGI 70 CON 60 DEX 60 INT 50 CHA 40
Musketeer Coat

Trigger: With Raven MCC1, go to Kielce F2
Pre-requisite: Family lv30+, completed "Return to Orpesia", "Return of the Heroes", Marchetti's recruitment
Items needed within the quest: 20x King Crab Scissors (Island of Fire, Ustiur Farm fishing), 20x Gian Starfish (Island of Fire, Ustiur Farm fishing) & 500x Aneptic Remedies
Special note: You need Raven & Bernelli created. This quest takes at least 3 days.

17 Jan 2013

【Recruitment & Stance Quest】 J.D.: Codename Judgement Day

[source] 2ch GE Wiki

There might be errors or mistakes, if you notice any please don't hesitate to point it out.

【J.D.: Judgement Day】
STR 70 AGI 60 CON 70 DEX 60 INT 50 CHA 30
Generic Leather, Fighter Leather

Trigger: Go to Kielce (Move from Byron G10, Fam lvl 30+ required)
Pre-requisite: Family lv30+, finished some Kielce scenario quest/s (will look it up)
Items needed within the quest: For the stance you need 500 Pure Aidanium, 500 Bulk Coal and 500 Ice Crystal.
Special note: You need Raven and Bernelli (recommended to be master, or at least expert) created to progress his quest.

20 Oct 2012

Minun's back!

Hello everyone,
just a heads up that I'm back in the game!

Thank you so much for still visiting here despite no real updates recently.
I recently changed the layout a little bit though
and approved/answered most comments and questions I've recieved.

I'm wondering what I should update next though. I've been looking for information on Friede but cannot find any. I'm also not sure if anyone has translated Sharon's quest yet -- eitherway I probably will do it if even just for practice and a place for people to easily find it once we get her.

I'll also take this opportunity to say all comments need to be looked at and approved by me first. There is no need to spam one question/comment over and over, I see them, but I approve/answer them when I have the time to do so.
Anyone is also free to ask questions and give suggestions via PM ingame (Minun on Bach server)! Or simply just casually talk!

IAH please release the angel bayo costume already