6 Jul 2012

【Recruitment Quest】Tora

[source] Bluemoon Waltz

There might be errors, so if you see any please try to help and correct. I tried my best. I'm still going back to the guide and editing stuff as I realize things.

((OLI I KNOW YOU'VE DONE THIS QUEST so if you see anything odd, 
please poke me hard on skype and make me change it lol.))

Recruitable in v10.17.0
STR 80 AGI 80 CON 70 DEX 40 INT 30 CHA 30
Esgrima, Stave Guard [v], Dark Avenger
Generic Leather, Fighter Leather

Trigger: Move to Byron.
Pre-requisite: Family lv20+, Finished Byron-story until Lucifer Castle Entry, Finished Blitz Assault quest (which includes finishing Adelina's and Lisa's extended quests) (Optional: Lucifer Castle entry quest, or pay the guard EJs to advance to the locations)
Items needed within the quest: 300x Dragonfly Silk, 1000x Ice Crystal, 20x Dried Maroon Grass
Special note: Lisa has to be included in your team almost all the time while doing this questline. A few points need Adelina (normal) included in team too.

  1. Move to Byron. Include Lisa in your team (From now and almost all the other steps unless stated otherwise. I will not write "Include Lisa" in every step.) and have her talk to Oswalt at H11.
  2. Move to Byron - Crow Forest. Go to C4 and try to enter Lucifer Castle. You will be asked if you wish to move to an instance.
  3. Move to H3, entrance to the Laboratory. A quest-dialouge will trigger.
  4. Move to D8 in the Laboratory and talk to June.
  5. Move to J4 in the Laboratory to trigger a quest dialouge.
  6. Move to E6 in the Basement Warehouse to trigger a quest dialouge. You will be moved to an instance.
  7. Move to C4 in the Basement Warehouse to trigger a combat instance. Protect the npc's. If (at least the fighter?) they die, you fail. Preferably provoke the mobs away from the fighter and kill them like that. This is tricky and might need several tries. The monsters hurt, alot.
  8. Move to F8/G8 in Lucifer Secret Garden to trigger an instance.
  9. Move to F9/G9 in Lucifer Moonlight Garden to trigger an instance.
  10. Move to Byron and talk to Oswalt.
  11. Move to Port of Coimbra and talk to Adelina.
  12. Move to the following locations in Port of Coimbra to trigger some instances: F9/G9 - F7 - F10 - F2.
  13. Move to K6 at the Nimrod Bridge to trigger an instance.
  14. With Adelina (normal) in team, move to Castilla, base 1. Talk to Elisa.
  15. Collect the following items: 300x Dragonfly Silk (1/21 Bigfoot and 1/10 Elite Bigfoot at Snowfield of the Ice Iwzard), 1000x Ice Crystal (1/13 Arctic Dracane, 1/14 Bigfoot, 1/7 Elite Bigfoot, 1/20 Elviot at Snowfield of the Ice Wizard)) and 20x  Dried Maroon Grass (1/75 Eltetah in Katovic Snowfield).
  16. With Adelina in your team, return to Elisa with the items.
  17. Include Lisa in your team from now on again and move to F9/G9 in Coimbra to trigger a quest dialouge.
  18. Move to Byron and talk to Oswalt.
  19. Move to Coimbra and talk to Adelina.
  20. With Adelina in your team, move to G2 in Coimbra to trigger an instance.
  21. With ONLY Lisa (MCC1) in your team, move to K6 at the Nimrod Bridge to trigger a combat instance. Defeat Tora (72 AR/DR 269 DEF 690k HP) using only Lisa. After this instance you will recieve Tora's character card.

【Dark Avenger】
Javelin + Dagger
When you create Tora you will notice that he already has his "expert stance". As far as I know you can use it already at Veteran-level, however the stancerings require Tora to be at least Expert to equip them.


  1. Thanks so much for this guide, good to know that his quest is easy enough, now all that's left is for me to actually bother doing Lisa's expert stance quest D:

  2. Thanks for this guide! :)

    But I still have a looooooong way to recruit him. T_T

    In which buffer team he belongs to?

  3. Tora's stats at the end are - 72 AR/DR 269 DEF 690k HP .. He can be debuffed.
    Ice crystals from all katovic region mobs not just select few :D if i remember correctly.

    1. Thought, I'd also throw in that reading dialogues in basement can be a hassle if mobs are around. D:
      The instance in warehouse(point 7.) needs player's participation where you gotta act fast and save 3 NPCs from death.

      Getting Raven and doing Lucifer's Castle quests(ones that involve getting to warehouse only) is A MUST. Since the arrow in accessway won't react if you haven't done the prerequisite.

  4. He belongs to "Hope of new Continent"

  5. Danke for the translation! I guess I have some stuff to go collect....except ice crystals, ahahah I will never run out of the bloody things.

  6. those running thing again inside lucifer castle garden, lab and warehouse will be the hard part. after that rest will be easy. thanks for the guide minun.

    1. Myeah, stupid monsters inside.. But the difficulty is also a bit up to you, what way you enter the warehouse especially. The Lab can also be navigated without all too much trouble, the Gardens are just a pain though, literally. :/

  7. At Step 21. It says I ONLY need to bring Lisa, so does that mean I have to fight Tora using Lisa alone? If Yes then I have to get a Lisa to expert or master?

    1. Yes, ONLY Lisa in your team at 21. You fight him solo with her only.

      As for her level, well, to even start the Blitz Assault-stance quest (which must be done in order to recruit Tora) Lisa has to be Master.

    2. so I guess I need to get the Lisa from my brother's account which we mastered and he is not playing at the moment for me to finish the blitz assault quest...lolz

  8. At 15. It says we have to hunt the specific items. But are the Dried Maroon Grass lootable or is it a quest item??

    1. Hi, Dried Maroon Grass should already be in the game as a normal drop. At least it doesn't have the "(Quest)" tag on Wordwood.

  9. Having just went through the pain of this quest, you might want include, "have to protect 3 basic characters from Orges at C4

    1. Did the quest myself just now to see what this was. Added, thanks.

  10. how the heck do you do the 3 ogres?

    1. Personally,
      I went in with Trooper, Lisa and Lionel. Trooper provoked the monsters sothey didn't attack the NPC's and then I killed them with Lionel since my Lisa's daggers are bad.

  11. Thx 4 this guide

    I want to know, what is the standart armor or weapon should i wear in this mission???
    Can e92 series do it???
    Thx before

    1. It probably can.. as long as the NPCs don't die in the mission so get the mobs attention really quick. A trooper or fighter with provoke is great. e92 armor will really hurt, considering the damage they did on even eln.

      I sadly don't remember the monsters racial. It might be daemon, but it might be human. Sorry.

    2. It is daemon racial. :)

  12. Finished Blitz Assault quest (which includes finishing Adelina's and Lisa's extended quests)

    i think i missunderstand !u mean just i finish adelina and lisa extend quest ?? or there is other quest ?

    1. Blitz Assault quest is a different quest after doing Lisa/Adelina extended quest. You need Master Lisa for it.

  13. ty sir minun im BINIBIROCHA family BACH server.....ive finish the quick....TY for the intruction


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