28 May 2012

【In-game Event】 Fastest Finger! (For family lvl 1-11)

[In-game Event] Fastest Finger!

Got any friends you'd like to introduce to the game? Or know someone who quit in the early levels? Here's a chance for them to win a nice "welcome"-package. For more information, [click here]!

New Players are encourage to join, this will help new pioneers in currently running sGE 5th Anniversary Event "Rise of the Masters".

Minami Family is calling Pioneers with Family Level 11 and below.

To join simply find my Group Chat (CTRL + G) "AKS" for Rembrandt and "AKB" for Bach. Minami will announce the GVC (Game Value Code) and pass in the said Group Chat The Faster Finger wins!
Package includes:
Novice's Necklace - 30 days x 3
Home Premium Service - Beginner - 30 days
Ivory School Look Costume (For stock characters) - 30 days
Return Sheet (Rebold, Coimbra, Auch) x 50 each
Mystic Ampule (Event) x 50
Novice Hrin Potion x 20 (Family Level 12 above cant use this)
Novice Soul Crystal x 20 (Family Level 12 above cant use this)
Novice Triumph Filler x 30 (Family Level 12 above cant use this)


I'll be translating Tora's quest soon if possible. I'll also update some ingame happenings and some artwork.

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