4 Apr 2012

【GE+Illust】 Punisher + Sketchbook 01 + BARRELS!!!11!!1


I guess I'll take the big news first.

Most have already seen it in game; a certain family's Lionel with Punisher stance. Mine, that is. Indeed, my dream combination has come true. I haven't really gushed about it in public before since I thought "Hell, it will never happen anyway", I always just thought of it quietly. But here it is, and it has left me completely poor for quite obvious reasons.

Ralph and Lionel are one hell of a team, with support from my Scout or Emilia the Sage. I've noticed on S2 that just like on sGE when Ralph first came out he gets quite a bit of hate. Sad, really. Nowadays on the other hand I get PMs asking if he (and/or Lionel) is for sale. Which they are not, by the way.

Paid a visit to Tempest. Sup bro.
Either way I'm really enjoying the team as it is right now, while I try very hard not to leave my elementalist behind. She still comes to very good use in Clock Tower and Torsche's Basement though - her Tension-spamming is incredibly useful in the latter.

With Lionel and Ludin along with a few others reaching
master, my family has reached a base of lv50. Finally!

Sketchbook 01: Reckless, Ludin, Scout

A while ago, actually a very long while ago (around Christmas) I bought a Moleskine® "legendary" notebook. I finally dared to draw something in it, as seen below.

Reckless Emilia in Violeta costume.
A doodle of adult Ludin.
I wish this costume gets released soon.. Earth of Bless. ♥


Silkye's pretty Asoka!
I want you readers to know you're precious to me. It warms my heart when I get random PMs telling me what you like, dislike and what you read or what you would like to see more of. If you're not on Bach or sGE then it's also possible to drop a comment anywhere on this blog. It's great to know that people also actually come here to read these kinds of entries and not just the guides, although I do know that is one of the greater reasons people visit.  I'd love to interact and talk with you guys more!

I'm also soon at 100,000 visitors - if you are the 100k visitor please take a screenshot if you want and leave it in a comment with an artwork-request (GE-related only)!


Since I don't play on weekdays I spend my time drawing, doing schoolstuff, making food.. the usual you know, but I also almost always have a playlist of PewDiePie playing on my laptop while I do those things. His channel is awesome, please take a look at it if you like funny stuff and/or horror game playthroughs. He's really scared and webcams himself while playing and doing a commentary/voiceovers so it's quite a spectacle!

They don't even deserve to be spelled correctly.


  1. Woooo I didn't know your Lionel was new when you mentioned him, or I would have grats'ed you! GRATSsssSS! That's a very sexy team :D

    ~ verric

    1. Thank you!:D Very sexy indeed~ A mix of old and young<3

  2. That's awesome :o,it really must be one hell of a team.I alway's wondered why that Ellearn guy alway's used that same team.

    To bad i have to wait so long for my dream team >.>

    1. Thanks, indeed it is. :D
      Yeah it's rather solid. Not the tankiest, but sure does quite the damage.

      What is your dream team?:<

    2. Oh. I love your team. Well I changed my main lately. I love them: calyce, cath torch and normal emilia. But I will replace her with Elisa soon! (;

  3. *pets Lionel's face gently*

    1. Yes its.. smoother than smooth. /wraps around Lio

      I just cried about the fact we have the same dream team. oh I f only I was able to get my hands on Punisher... /late reply is very late

  4. u_u I think it may have to do with the fact that he was imported to SGE and S2 incomplete: self buff gone wrong, damage multiplier not working and how difficult it was to obtain him (and/or his stance book).

    For this, there's plenty of hate. Think of it was being 'bitter' in a way.

    But we saw it, didn't we? When Ralph became fully functional, the haters mellowed down and began to see the good in him. Or at least some did.

    I do miss his ridiculous salute pose and subtle panicked face with some expressions. :| At any rate...

    I forgot to congratulate you on your punisher. - 3 - I noticed it last time we derped at Auch last Saturday but I was too busy basking in the derp that was. xD It had been quite awhile since we talked at town too.

    - Turkis <3

    1. Yes... that was one of the poorest thing they could do to him. Seriously wtf.

      Indeed, it's not uncommon to see some of the high-end players having Ralph in the team with some +7 constellation crossbow rather than Calyce.

      Yeeeees I thought they would be exclusive, sadly not...

      Thank you<3
      Yes, it's easy to become immersed in the DERPNESS. xD and true that.. somehow I'm not as good as catching you guys in town anymore, or if I do then it's just as I'm warping away somewhere. ):

  5. Ooooh, very nice sketches! :DD I love the style you used there. AND CONGRATS ON PUNISHER, wooo.

  6. Oh yeah my Dream team i know has grandies in it,probably Lionel and Elisa.

    But after seeing that concept art of that girl in the red dress in the new city bristia,idk anymore >.<

    I'm just hoping there's another female scout character in bristia that looks as cool as that girl.

    Though if Lionel and Elisa get's a nice bristian officer outfit from that city i guess they'll be my team :I

    But i gotta see what other new character's are in that city now...

    1. Ooh Grandies. :D

      Yes, she looks very cool and stuff. Quite alluring~

      Though since Lionel/Elisa are both Vespanolan I doubt they'd get any Bristian outfits, but maybe other alt outfits. I hope Elisa gets a costume other than her default and the Cadet-version.

  7. Yeah i agree with Elisa getting an another Alt outfit a nice unique uniform for her,though what she really needs is a new hairstyle,something unique to her.

    I never liked the fact she had the same Curling perm hairstyle as Ele.

    I also forgot both Lionel and Elisa were Vespanolan,hoping Lionel also get's a unique uniform,can't believe he's only alt outfit makes him look like he's in a boy band >.>

    1. Yes, I wouldn't want to have my ele with Elisa in one team since I have that hairstyle. T_T (don't like duplicates)

      Yeah I wish he gets another one too, even though the 'boyband' one has grown on me. Like, it's "okay" but not amazing...

  8. Thought you prefer buff guys ;P
    Gratz on the punisher!

    I have both but I prefer to pair my Lionel with Ele since maybe flare gives better dps?
    Actually the main prob is that I only have one xbow orz...and no ring.

    1. Yueeee~ <3

      Haha, I do! But really, it feels like there is only Nar, and he's not as useful as my other characters. It also feels like he's become sort of a Russian trademark on Bach.

      Yes, I've been wondering if I ought to do that too. Depends a bit on the raid too though, eg Lionel stays out of Torsche's and JPR, that's much nicer with Ele+Ralph.

    2. Haha I did notice the increase in Nars among Russian players. I find it kind of odd that Ralph is only the same build as Lionel, but his design got screwed up anyway.

      You don't go xworld much? But you went over to bach for the pvp 0.0?

    3. Yeah, and his alt costume doesn't make anything better.... orz

      I play singles only (every now and then), group is too early for me, I'm not home at that time. Bach really doesn't have more pvp or anything than Rembrandt from what I noticed. People don't even wanna Baron because the penalty is too high. I went to Bach because my boyfriend whom I also now live with played on Bach (but quit a year ago).

  9. Yay my lionel ! =D Keep up the good work !

  10. *sigh*I've given up on getting punisher...i just really wanted to replace my musk because he's been on my team for 5 years now.

    Hopefully i will be able to replace him with that Kess guy.

    He looks way cooler than Lionel anyway >.>

    I'll team him up with that blonde girl!!That's right Lionel...i don't need youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Though i was curious do you think Kess and Kano will be as popular as Lionel and Ludin...just by going by there looks so far.

    1. Yes, many had been giving up, but their hope lit anew with the Fury Auto Baron mission.

      Anyway, Kess seems to be having a weaker version of Punisher. If it's easier to obtain than Lionel's, surely he's a nice replacement-option.

      And since Kano uses magic tome, I guess she'll be a support-character.

    2. Where can I see more info about Kess & Kano? Thanks Minun ;)

    3. I'd link you but due to iah passport issues I can't login to the forum.

      It's somewhere on the 2nd or 3rd page of General Discussion, a thread about Tora, Viki & Bristian development. Go to the last 3-4 pages of that thread, there are some 3D models and other information about the new chars.

  11. I was hoping Kess will have he's own unique stance..hopefully they just don't copy and paste Lionel's stance and plainly make it weaker,all the skills better be unique to him at least.

    Though that was the concept for him right..so i guess they can alway's change it..i doubt they finalized it already,seeing he's not going to be available right when the city release's.

  12. I wonder if Lionel and kess are going to be like Ralph and Calyce,Bernilli and Lorch.

    Cuz y'know they all have similar stances,so seeing he's stance is going to be weaker..i guess he stats and self buff will make up for it like Ralph.

    90 dex 90 agi anyone :D,but yeah gratz on punisher..to this day i'm still trying to get this stance..been opening like a few boxes every week or so..but no avail.

    Hm..what do you think about them putting Punisher in the promotion recipe shop for like 20 recipes,that's 20 weeks right there to go one stance ;o

  13. Ricardo Schiller11 July 2012 at 19:15

    What's those effects that you used in your first pic of Emi, Ralph and Lionel? It's just awesome!

    That's not the raw game graphic, right?!

    1. Hi,

      it's a plugin for photoshop called Topaz Clean or Topaz Vivacity.

    2. Ricardo Schiller12 July 2012 at 15:43

      Thank you, I'll try it out! ;)


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