13 Apr 2012

【Recruitment & Stance Quest】 Mary

[source] PlayForum GE & Blue Moon Waltz , thank you!

There might be errors, so if you see any please try to help and correct. I tried my best. I'm still going back to the guide and editing stuff as I realize things.

STR 50 AGI 70 CON 50 DEX 85 INT 45 CHA 30
Stances: Shotgun Blaster, Gigantic Blaster [v], Sweeper [e]
Armor: Generic Coat, Musketeer Coat

Trigger: -
Pre-requisite: Catherine Torsche recruitment quest & creation complete
Items needed within the quest: -

  1. Have Catherine Torsche in your team and move to Dr. Torsche's Lab. You will be moved to an instance.
  2. Talk to Mary at B3 in Dr. Torsche's Lab. She will ask you to complete a series of tasks in which you need to make her favor points reach over 100. There's a new feature that lets you check the favor progression via the top menu. Below are the tasks she will ask you to do. Return to Mary after each task is complete to begin the next one.
  3. Kill 40 Gehcos in the Savage Garden.
  4. Kill Walters until you obtain the quest item "Cleaning Duster".
  5. Move to the following locations in the Reception Hall and click on these items in this order:
    G7 (Dusty Table)
    (Dusty Box)
    (Dusty Desk)
    (Dusty Chair)
    (Dusty Dinner table)
  6. Move to the same locations as above and click the items again, in the same order.
  7. Move to the Savage Garden and kill Wild Dogs for 10x "Tough Meat" and Hermits for 10x "Cook Thread".
  8. Move to the Grand Library and hunt Haunted Desk for 1x Cooking Pot and Haunted Book for 10x Burning Paper.
  9. Mary wants an Old Dish, go talk to Najib Sharif in Reboldoeux about it. He asks you to hunt Lady Sasha and Crown Lloyd in the Annex of Dr. Torsche's Mansion until you get 50x "Roccoco Style Doll" and 50x "Roccoco Style Male Doll". Return to Najib when done, he'll give you the Old Dish. 
  10. Return to Mary with the Old Dish.
  11. Move to the Annex and kill White Bane until you obtain 1x "Dish Sponge".
  12. Move to the Annex and kill Reg until you obtain 10x "Good Cleanser".
  13. Move to the Annex and kill Hellena until you obtain 6x "Clean Broomstick".
    * Your favorability should be at about 70 after this task.
  14. [repeatable] Move to the renewed daily Dr. Torsche's Basement Raid and kill the bosses Wight and Greg to obtain the quest items "Wight Robe Rag" and "Greg Uniform Rag".
    * This quest can be repeated once a day for 6-10 favor points. Repeat it until Mary's favor points are over 100 to progress with her quest. It's recommended to go in squads to minimize the time needed to complete it if the purpose is only to recruit Mary.
    Otherwise this raid can be done solo if you so wish.
  15.  When your favor points are over 100 from doing the Basement-raid, Mary will ask you to clean the stairways of the Grand Library. Move to the stairways in the following locations:
    F6 (left) - F6 (right) | F8 (left) - F8 (right) | G8 | F11 (Obtain "Unknown Old Book" item)
  16. With Catherine Torsche in your team, talk to Mary to obtain the "Mary Character Card".

Shotgun expert stance
  1. With Mary in your team, move to Dr. Torsche's Laboratory. You will be moved to the instance "Unknown Old Book".
  2. Collect three Growth Stones and talk to Mary to obtain the stancebook "Sweeper".


  1. *0* I am curious about this...renewed Dr. Torsche's Basement raid.

    Thankies for this translation. <3 Preparations for this girl will be made/put on the zee list of things to do.

    But hee... D: One will have to go AT for a day just for those items. x_x Ouch~

    1. It seems to be easier than the old one, for sure. Pioneering GE posted a guide some time ago.^^

      No prob~ And as it seems, the Annex is not premium after all, but instead a general leveling area for vet-expert. No need for an AT pass. :)

  2. Seems rather tedious for her favor quest. -.-

    1. Depends whether the quest leading up to Basement-raid can be done all in one day or not, I guess. Eitherway, the renewed Basement seems much easier than the old one I would say. X__X

  3. Thanks again for the quest guide. I hope the renewed basement at torsche mansion is relatively easy as mentioned. Favour points seem to be the latest trend for recruitment quests since lisa's stance book. Best to start early if possible, but in Mary's case, can only begin when she's updated. ~.~

  4. Heavenician has vids for the new Dr. Torsche's Mansion Basement raid.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7a50L4VMwcw - p1
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d29BPXWAv7A - p2

  5. Can y tell me more about her, like, what is she base stats, skills on sweeper stance, and if she use rifle, does she have flinlock stance too?

    1. She can only use shotgun.

      Str 50
      Agi 70
      HP 50
      Dex 85
      Int 45
      Cha 30

      Stances: Shotgun Blaster [pre100], Gigantic Blaster [v], Sweeper [e]

      For her skills, here's a link with videos and stats. It's in korean but it's easy to guess what it says or then you can google translate it.


    2. Ty anyway, now I would like to discuss about StF, in new patch, there will be 2 combination with StF in it, there are 3 year war and spirit of martial art buff. It seems like unfair some player that have StF in their team could have 2 combination buffs. Ex: adelina, StF, baik ho. Or panfilo, StF, soso, ect

    3. StF/STW will be removed from the "Spirit of Martial Artists" combi and will only be in the "3 Year War" combi.

    4. Well that's sound fair enough, thanks again. One more think I would like to ask.. Are y sure mary doesn't need any symbol to get her expert stance? If not, seems like she is the most easier to get expert stance

    5. Yes, I am sure. There are other new characters who also don't need symbol/growth stone for their stances, or need other items.

  6. Now a question that is important for Me, Is this Basement Part possible to do, with Highly outdated Gear?

    Because For some reason, Im always Behind in Gear

    1. The raid will be redone completely by the time we get Mary. It seems to become loads easier - and even if you cannot do it alone, you can always squad up with other people to make it even easier.

  7. is there a basement quest on sGE co'z i dont seem to see anyone doing it. where to find this basement raid? can you pls post the information of this raid and the mobs and bosses ar dr?

    1. Yes, sGE has the basement raid. You unlock it after completing Catherine Torsche (human) recruitment and it's accessed through Torsche's Savage Garden. The raid is also needed to recruit Raven.

      This is the OLD tougher basement raid,

      but with the v10 update (next week?) it will change to be easier like this:

    2. ahhh.. that's why thanks man. another thing do I need master raven or expert/vet is enough and should all party have raven or one in the squad with raven is enough^^ . the link did't say the ar and dr of mobs and boss is 68dr/265def will survive?

    3. There is no need to have Raven in any team at all during the raid. You can take any character.

      For the revised raid the ar/dr of the bosses are 67, so 68 should be just fine.

  8. Ricardo Schiller11 July 2012 at 16:43

    Minun, I see 2 minor errors, as you said, I'm trying to help and correct'em! ;)

    1st: Before the quest-line starts, it's said 'Adriana's Sub-Quest' - Well, it's obviously not Adriana's.

    2nd: Step 9 says 'Dr. Torsche's Mantion' when it should be 'Mansion'

    There it goes, thanks for the guide and keep it up! ;)

  9. point 8.
    you have to hunt 10 burning papers from haunted books and only 1(not 10) cooking pot from the haunted desk. It's a pretty rare drop.

    1. points 11 and 12 - you need to get 10 good cleansers and 6 clean broomsticks not 1.

      I probably sound like some cranky old player granny or something. :DDD making you update everything.

    2. I guess you're recruiting Mary this very moment ahaha.

      I'm wondering if I am the granny, or do I need glasses, how can I have had it so wrong... oAo Thank you though, updated!

  10. Very useful guides. Thanks yo!

  11. also need to finish Najib recruitment quest in order to proceed in this part of the quest..

    ~Mary wants an Old Dish, go talk to Najib Sharif in Reboldoeux about it. He asks you to hunt Lady Sasha and Crown Lloyd in the Annex of Dr. Torsche's Mansion until you get 50x "Roccoco Style Doll" and 50x "Roccoco Style Male Doll". Return to Najib when done, he'll give you the Old Dish.

  12. also need to finish Najib Recruitment quest in order to proceed to the quest where mary want an old dish...

  13. Correction on the Stance Quest:
    With Mary in your team, move to Dr. Torsche's Laboratory. You will be moved to the instance "Unknown Old Book".

    With Mary in your team, move to Dr. Torsche's Laboratory and talk to Dr. Torsche. You will be moved to the instance "Old Cover Book".

    and her name is Marie in SGE :3

    hope this helps

  14. hi Minun, do you have a guide for catherine INT expert stance quest? if yes, pls link...

    thanks in advance :)

    1. Hello,

      for now I don't have one. I'll be getting her stance too though so I can make one, but it might take a while.

  15. It's Wild Dogs and Hermits in SGE. :3

  16. On side note, need to complete Najib Recruiment quest be able to finish Marie T_T


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