21 Mar 2012

【GE+Illust】 Capitaine Musketeer + FAQ & Illustration pages


I've updated the blog with an all new Frequently asked questions page as well as changed the Illustration page completely. If you have any questions not related to my blog updates or already released guides then please do ask on the FAQ page.

People have also been asking me about the new RNPCs like Mary. Sorry to say, for now I don't know anything more than you do. I wonder if her quest is even public yet.

Art? Art!

Now that I don't play actively unless it's weekend I would like to draw more. Above is my most recent artwork featuring one of my musketeers. IAHgames recently finally released the Capitaine set for Musk, I grabbed the costume but not the hair. I love Wild Layered Shaggy too much. Einn actually donned the Navy Captain uniform but I put it on Rayn instead. Now they are truly twins as I got my 2nd Wild Layered Shaggy for Rayn too.

I'm wondering what to do about R18 artwork though. Been thinking of using password protection with a question or riddle. How's that sound? As well as tag every post with something special, if I can't figure anything out then just "R18: BL/GL/etc".

Game progression + WX PvP

Due to me being pretty much 100% afk on weekdays my leveling progresses very, very fast. My family level has reached 49+3, maybe 50 is soon to come after all!

Calyce, Claire, STW and the Sage have all reached master. Lorch and ATP are probably halfway to master as I write this. I'm in need of a second sabre as well as sabre costume, so if you have some, do contact me. Mainly interested in Golden Damascus for the sabre.

I'm liking World Cross PvP more and more though I am utterly shit at it, not gonna lie. Even with Catherine Torsche. Still, somehow I've managed to get into Empire ranking, almost top 100. Admittedly, Plusle sometimes does the PvPing -- hence why I'm lvling ATP and Lorch at all, to give him more to play with.

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