8 Mar 2012

【GE】 Weapon Costumes video + Blitz Assault

First off, I've hit family level 48+3. Whew. Got alot left until 50+3 though.

Now then. So a while back I said I wasn't interested in weapon costumes.

Liar, liar - skirt's on fire.

Turns out I have somehow collected quite a few of them anyway.

Since some of their glows are quite peculiar I thought screenshots are not enough, so I created a video with the weapon costumes currently released in sGE. Many thanks to my friend who let me borrow the Javelin, Sword and Angel GS costumes for a while.

Edit: Just as I posted this there are tow new costumes available - Black Dragon Dagger & Rod. I'm not interested in either of them but if anyone would lend them for a minute I could record them.

I also managed to acquire Lisa's expert stance Blitz Assault through the quest. I got lucky when it came to KoG, it spawned minutes after I entered Perilside cave. Elmorc took a while longer but Plusle told me to "go there *clicks on map*" and indeed, none other than Elmorc was standing on that very exact spot.

Mini-announcement: From now on I'll only be playing/raiding actively on weekends, during weekdays my characters will stay afk 24/7 in Castilla AT or something. ~_~ As such I stepped down as deputy leader in the Pokemon faction so please don't PM me about joining/information anymore.


  1. Ah weapon costumes, I'd love to have the angel ones but they're so OP here in rembt, 300~400m a piece wtf, I'd rather craft another Sualocin's Ice for Ion since I started 2months ago, so I can have a full set once he comes out.

    I used to have the rapier costume and dragon rapier but sold all of them due to despo for vis. Now I can't even find them ;_;

    It took 3~4hrs of map running in a week to finally see Elmorc, and imo, Blitz assult is just disappointing, Cath still better for pvp. It has a lulzy 0.4sec cast time adjacent skill.

    1. You know what...... that is exactly what I did, crafted a Sualocin (working on 2nd) while ignoring costumes/weapon costumes. I would say you should do that too. Definitely looks cooler on Ion than just having e.Levi's. :)

      Awww that's sad to hear. The rapier is very rare on Bach too.

      Yes, for PvP Death Chopping obviously outclasses Blitz Assault, but in my opinion Blitz is better for PvE.

  2. Mind sharing which spot did you find elmorc?

    1. Katovic Snowfield, around H/I 6/7.
      I've also had him appear on me 2-3 times while afk at Frozen Plain F9.


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