29 Feb 2012

【GE】 Ludin + sGE v9.5

Lecter family's and my Ludins starring Fireball and Brother costumes.

The southeastasian server of Granado Espada recently updated to version 9.5. This means a lot of new updates, a few new rNPCs in the game and a lot of new characters in my Barracks.

While visiting the Port of Bahia we noticed a small, yet strange, figure. It was a little girl who seemed to go by the name Ludin. She wished to go and fight strong monsters, which we advised her not to, but she insisted (quite a bratty and demanding attitude, really!). 

Much to the family's surprise: the little girl was found out to be Lionel von Hanen's little sister. Oh boy. This could not bode anything well, seeing past experiences with Lionel.

Indeed, the family was forced to urgently send Mireille (female elementalist) up into the Clock Tower again to investigate the 10th floor before Pharrel could. After running up the tower in her high heels (too proud to admit they are not the greatest to wear at all times), she gave up at floor 9 and Valeria took over. Despite the trouble, all went well, and we reched the 10th floor before Pharrel could.

The family reported back to Lionel and took him to see his sister in Bahia. The lousy thief from Byron, Taikbin, was harassing Ludin at our arrival. This angered Lionel and he wished for Ludin to join him on his "vacation" at the family's barracks.

Ustiur Farm. Currently raising a Cockatrice!
Version 9.5 in general is nice, but somehow deflating the ingame-item market alot while the cash shop items rise in price. It is also the rise of e92. Great for new families, not so nice for rich/high-end families. I have also finally managed to get proper armors for Ralph and Scout, but the darned things refuse to go +6 and have already went to +4 over 5 times. I don't have alot of vis to keep trying for now. I managed to get a good chip of defense+res+dr on the scout one within 8 chips.

The family has tried out various new functions and missions. Among them:
  • Revised Hellbreaker and Gate of Fire
    They are very easy and a source of 92 chips. 6 keys of Capybara for HB and 1 Fire Orb for GoF.
  • Ustiur Farm
    I'm not too keen on farming, really, but some seem to enjoy it. The rewards are good if you have the patience.
  • Demonic Toubkal Mine, Demonic Secret Tower and Demonic Ice Wizard's Tower
    These give better regular rewards than the previous Demonic Missions.
  • Faction mission Fury Stonepit Disaster
    Incredibly easy faction mission but the mission is bugged - we get ported out before the roulette is done.
  • Revised Market Manager
    You may now search item rank and enhancement. Prices have been given new color codes. Prices can be sorted from low-high, high-low and newest.
  • Pioneering Merchants Guild
    With a Home Premium Service running you can reap 6x 90/Veteran/Expert G exp cards and 2x Training Card A/B/G a day. I've chosen Magia because you can buy the Hurdy Gurdy costume from it as well as Vet G cards. In the future also the recipe for Enhanced Will of Argus.
  • Castilla Ancient Territory
    Great place to level experts to master. Solo/duo it may take perhaps 1½-3 days.
    The entrance is located at base 1 of Castilla.


  1. Eh? Does hps double the amount of special rewards a day? If so, no wonder so many people wanted hps now... Thx for the info Minun! :D

    1. Indeed it does! At least HPS Average & Expert, but surely Beginner should too?

      You also get farmer's tokens every day at the farm with HPS on: 7 if Average, 10 if Expert.

  2. I don't get it. How does the HPS double the rewards anyway?

    1. Just activate a HPS and you can do the quest twice for two times the better reward.

      HPS is a premium item eitherway and costs quite alot in gp or vis/feso so it's really a nice bonus to it.

  3. Pioneering Merchants Guild...sounds neat. :o Man, so much to look forward tooo.

    More clock tower rushes for Ludin, comin' up rofl.

    1. Indeed, up into the clock tower once again, sigh.

      Should be more afraid of the time paradox mission in the future for Veatrice though. ;_;

    2. any info on the enhanced argus recipe?

    3. Please post a separate comment so it's easier to reply, rather than posting your question in replies.

      Enhanced Hope of Argus - Recipe from Vent Pioneering Merchant
      +10 Strength
      +5 penetration
      +5 Immunity

      Recipe: 1x Hope of Argus, 20x each of Great Apatite/Turquoise/Topaz rumins, 20x Ambrosia

      Enhanced Will of Argus - Recipe from Magia Pioneering Merchant
      +10 Intelligence
      +5 penetration
      +5 Immunity

      Recipe: 1x Will of Argus, 20x each of Great Pearl/Opal/Tanzanite rumins, 20x Ambrosia

  4. minung! teach me how to blog :P


    1. Haha, what an odd question. "Just do it!" :D


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