1 Feb 2011

【GE】 sGE 6.3: The Dark Ages

GE sGE 6.3: The Dark Ages

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  • Byron
  • Important Colony War changes
  • Buffed up monsters/loots and UI/system changes
  • Bounty Hunters Guild: Occulta
  • Raven


As soon as I got home the day for the patch, first things first, I went to Byron. The city I've been looking forward to the most. The background music is beautiful. And just like in Castilla [speaking of that, I finally got my King Henry medal], new NPCs now have gestures too.

Appreciating the fine art of this young lad seller, Dean.
Founda café. Porthos hitting on them ladies. [she movessss]
Meeting with Lionel. His braid is cute.
Lionel told the family to go here. Beautiful place!
Veronif is not impressed. :c Honestly. She hates you. I'm not kidding.

Important Colony War changes

In yesterday's CW, somewhere 1 hour into it, I noticed something: there are no monsters in the Colony-maps. Whatsoever. No wonder I was doing so well, ahahah! Before I would keep skilling the mobs instead of my enemies. Now CW is actually fun. The monsters spawn again as soon as CW is over. And now because there is no mob-spawn in channel 1, channel 2 & 3 have 2x experience boost during CW. Perfect time to lvl, no?

I used a team of Elementalist, Baihu and Scout. My ele got a few kills but Baihu was the prize-taker. I love it that MMA has been buffed up and the only skill that requires ancient star orbs now is the selfbuff. Not only that, Baihu's personal buff now has stun! It was fun, Elemental Kicking peoples asses. Weaker families got ohko'd by simply that, while the stronger characters like Nar needed me to use the finisher, taking half their HP. Rozaaz you are the imbaness of my family ehehe. P'': After this CW me and my partner decided to +6 [1st try successful] and 2-socket [6th try open] our G.Knuck.

Buffed up monsters/loots and UI/system changes

Last patch, 5.0, monsters below 100 were buffed up and now give more experience. Well, now it was time for monsters above 100 to be buffed up. My Master 10 100% Musketeer on e92 can no longer AFK in Underground Cave Peril-side because he will die [I use him to speed up some characters stance lvling]. Then again, he sucks anyway.

The loots (and stats?) of several bosses have been improved/increased, but some other functions have been changed too. Secret Tower now requires a Moon Stone [10k feso] to enter. The Silver Medal can be exchanged with the boy in the tunnel by giving him one Moon Stone.

As for UI/system changes. When you press ESC there will be the usual menu of going to barracks, logging out etc but now it also shows you a list of daily raids and missions. It will tell you what you have done [eg If I complete Arsene's Secret Vault it will also tell me that normal Arsene is also done] and what you can still do:

The function to craft custom wings with stats has been added to Cash Shop-menu. You can freely choose the look of the wings, choose some mods through drop downs and then how long you want the wings to last.

1 day – 70k feso
7 days – 280k feso
30 days – 570k feso
Bounty Hunters Guild: Occulta

Occulta's bounty hunter mission has finally been added to the game. I was waiting for this one. Possible drops include Recipe – Elite Le Noir. If me and my partner would only get our hands on a Elementalist or Musk recipe, we could craft it.. Maybe my musk wouldn't be so obsolete then [He's currecntly replaced by Fighter or Rio].

The Occulta BHG isn't very hard at all. Just run through all the monsters to the end and choose the warp portal in front of you and you will be in a room with only the boss. He doesn't even summon Dullahans and only has one skill that hurts a bit.

My partner got this from our Bahama-run.
Luckily we managed to sell it. It's basically a Grade 32 crystal :I


I sort of accidentally completed his quest, hence a lack of screenshots. I would have loved to take more screens of the redhaired lady [dubbed RedHair Fighter] but whenever I fought her my graphics were on 2nd or 3rd quality so I thought ”what the hell, let's just kill her”.

Raven's quest wasn't hard for me, just took a while to gather the things Veronifu asked to bring her. I took the pay-to-get route cause I'm impatient like that, man I've been waiting for this RNPC. I'm also shipping Montoro and Raven like no tomorrow, but only in my mind. I don't know if I will draw anything, there wouldn't be an audience anyway, I think... ;;;;;;
She's pretty. And ruthless. No cooldowns on this woman!

Byebye redhaired lady. My Romina was wearing a LN btw. e92 can also do.
[Baihu wore that in the expert stance-quest]
Having fun with our Ravens. From another angle it looks like mine, with the mini wings, is giving his Raven the evil eye. D:

Other stuffs

Ahh, since Occulta is now free to enter and the traps are removed, I thought I'd go do Rio's expert stance quest. However, it seems I got bugged. I cannot get the last note needed and I've been hunting for 3+ days. I even went to kill Necro Shaman in all boredom. My partner came in at some point too to finish his quest and help me, he got all notes within 5 minutes. Everyone else gets them all within like 10 minutes too. I've sent a ticket in hope this can be solved... I Mas10'd Rio in expectance of his stance, and now it feels quite useless if I can't get it.

Here, have some twin eles. :c It's funny how me and my friend have the same sets of costumes. Like, all the time. And yes that's the figure skater outfit for fighter.

And even though this has nothing to do with GE, I'll still post it here cause I'm very satisfied of the result! Motonari Mori from Sengoku Basara. Apart from GE I play SB3 (SBSH) on the ps3 alot nowadays.


  1. Man.. man.. the city looks so delicious. The music in there is 188 'Fame or Die'? .....

    One last Word about all this - LIONEL!!!!! QAQAQQAQAQ

  2. I know right! And it's huge!

    Ahh, if only him and Veronif were recruitable ; A ;


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