24 Jan 2011

【GE】 G1's Sword2 vs IAH's sGE

I read both the G1 and IAH forums, but I only post at IAH because it's relevant for me. I read the whole "SGE is going for 6.31!? (so fast!)" thread and want to point out some stuff. I'll also point out a bunch of other things at the end.

I can't say much about Sword2 as I haven't played that version since, durrrrhurrrrrr, the downloader/installer itself did not work. /rolleyes But what I can say about, is sGE. It's a bit funny what I read sometimes over at G1. :3c

Lots of text below the cut..

I find it very shamefull for the developers @ IMC that 5.0 in the sGE version doesn't have a chance to get totally experienced.

If 6.3 comes in the coming weeks (which it seems to be), then there is NO way the players can be ready already with the current content. Let alone say that they will be able to do the 6.3 highlevel content. I really doubt that there are was many Greek Croma's around already as ELN's are here around now.

I gotta say that I do NOT like such long gaps between versions as we get here... But they are making the gaps in sGE pretty short... imo TOO short.

Ordinary casual players have probably not experienced all that the tiny 5.0 patch we got had to offer, simply because of the hardness of raids etc. However, high end players and factions have experienced it. We've also almost completed Tower of Chaos.

The 32AR items from Prison raid have already been crafted and I have a magic earring recipe that I'm not sure what to do with. A Greek Croma FIGHTER is also floating around in Rembrandt as it seems. Of course, ELNs are way easier to get and frankly for now trying to get and craft the Greek Croma is not that worth it.. Also, even in korea, they ran out of time to complete the 12-hour long raid in 6.3.

I can say that there is not much more for me to experience in the limited 5.0 patch that we got. :I I await the new Bounty Hunter Occulta simply because my main team can only enter Bounty Hunter Caebolan anymore.

Has G1 considered selling their database of players/accounts to sGE? That way they can get money to fund APB, sGE gets new loyal customers, and players keep their existing accounts!
This would not be possible. IAH hosts in Singapore. Our latency from Europe and America is going to be horrible. The best is to sale/transfer the IP License to a NA/EU company such as gPotato, Nexon US, ijji, etc.
Someone else need to pick up Sword 2 from G1 and transfer our character data to the new service provider...
If G1 wants to help me for one last time, I wish to get an family transfer service for sGE. I would pay for that. 
Servertransfer would be an option yes. Considering IJJI and WEBZEN managed to do that with S.U.N, it could be a possibility.  Also, I want to wrong the person about latency. I'm from Europe, Finland, and I've been playing sGE for years, and it seems more often than not I lag less than my fellow asian players. Extra lag would depend on your own computer and ISP. I've got a very good connection that I don't mind paying for and my computer's okay. The only time I actually lag is after maintenances when the lag and issues would affect everyone.

I would blame business matters within G1--budgeting (APB), management, infrastructure and that sort of thing--first.

This is one thing I didn't get. APB DIED. And now someone (G1) wants to resurrect it as F2P. Doesn't that need more time than it has been since it died, to incorporate a cash shop and such, to see it's balanced..? Why would they have to add APB when Sword was so close to an update. I feel for you guys. (plus I hate GTA, and an MMORPG like that feels like a crappy idea ahaha)

When Quinzel stated that boxes won't delay the 5.0, does she think we're stupid or something? This manpower is used for something, hence it cannot be used for something else at the same time right? I don't see how spending time on doing those stupid boxes (which personnaly i don't care) won't delay, even if it's one day, the release we're all waiting for.
Notice all the "box" updates for you to buy more and more and more. The more you buy the less you want to quit. Just face the truth and think before you invest THOUSANDS in a game. Especially when we get shafted like this.
lol I can't believe you guys still have those boxes! IAH rid us of the scammer-boxes quite fast after the bad reaction, hope G1 will do that for you too. I rather spend money on something I know I will get, like with Hellena's Circus of Fate.

HOW THE HELL does it take so long to get us US translation when sGE has the same US translation with some changes? Is sGE using some other English I don't know about or theirs is faster to code? I know sGE charges more money for cash shop things but do F2P Players care?
Oh you don't want our singlish. Trust me. .. Well, they do give you a laugh or two at times but i rather have proper translations, sigh. And oh, we're more expensive? Did not know.

On the topic of the 3-month internal overhaul at G1.
Holyyyy hellll---- Ouch. The last time we had an extensive overhaul/update it lasted 1 week where all services were down, and that was that. :/ I do wonder why ti takes them so long.

They seriously update way to fast, hard for me to keep up with supporting them specifically on My~PortCoimbra. Not that I hate them for it but it's really hard to keep making specific changes for one region that may not pan out to all the others.

I still love you for updating though, X5s. ♥ If anything, I'll try to support PortCoimbra with images like with the Valeria one. :)

And.. that's it. Just stuff I wanted to say because I'm far too lazy to register on the forums of G1. perhaps and interesting read for some, or perhaps not. Doesn't matter. If anyone has any questions regarding IAH, good or bad, just ask.


  1. whoa. :D You read that bs on G1 forums too.

  2. Yeah ahaha school was cancelled today, nothing much to do :T

  3. Lol I see. |D At least you're not dead sick. *dispatches virus*

  4. and BTW.. I crawled to Bach after all |D sob.
    Now my mission is to get you in hands. My username is the same as your Baek's name /shot
    no +s included uwu

  5. So is it easy to get the top loot from Hellenas circus of fate :o?

  6. Hehh was nice seeing you ingame xD

    It's not easy, no.

    In the time that HCoF has been up I've gotten 4 Gold Tokens which is used to purchase the top loot. (or anything. It can buy you anything. But why use it on something that you can get with normal tokens?)

    Otherwise 1 play at HCoF = 1k GP (=Sword2 'Gold') + some tickets. (gotten from just being online in game)

    You can get 0-3 tokens per play or if lucky, the Gold Token. Most of the time you will be seeing 1T or 3T. I've never gotten 2T. So a costume worth 10T will initially be gotten for 4k GP-10k GP.

    At least if you aim for normal token stuff you will get what you paid for, for sure.

  7. I usaly get all costumes or weapons from 10 boxesand the free chips and socket fluxes dont hurt either.Only the dhrs and 32 weapons from the newer boxes are a pain to get.


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