24 Jan 2011

【Recruitment Quest】 Raven

*** Edited with added information, should be complete, please tell me if you find oddities.*** 
Raven's recruitment quest

5 Elements - Otite Quest (After completion of Catherine Torsche quest)
1. Go to any major town to trigger the quest.
2. Talk to Dr Torsche to get a quest to acquire the Otite of Wind item from Basement raid. (the one with a 1-day limit)
3. Kill Gwraigs in the Basement raid to get the Otite of Wind item. Droprate is not 100%.
4. Talk to Dr Torsche with Cath Torsche as leader when you're done.
5. An instanced combat mission will start, defeat Jürgen and talk to Dr Torsche again.
5. Go to Auch to receive new quest "Information About Furholden Family" talk to Lorch and receive "Letter Of Recommendation".
6. Go to Byron, speak to Lionel to finish the quest.

Red Sunset Forest Quest from Lionel (Unlock Red Sunset Forest) (Optional)
1. Talk to Lionel again after you finish the 5 Elemental - Otite, ask him about the castle butler to trigger a new quest
2. Talk to Captain Pharrel, he'll give you 5 options (only 2 are correct to proceed)
3. The options are "5 Sun Stone, 5 Moon Stone, 5 Growth Stone, 3 Elemental Jewel & Free".
Only "5 Growth Stone" and "Free" will work.
4. If "5 Growth Stone" is selected, the quest will be finished instantly, and you'll receive the 'Red Sunset Forest Pass' from Lionel.
5. By choosing the "Free" option, you'll be asked to talk to Wheelton to continue the quest.

6. He will ask you to hunt 100 "Perfect Shiny Crystal" (not the normal ones).
You can get the "Perfect Shiny Crystal" from Ice Rufus Reaper in the Snowfield of Ice Wizard.
They drop 2-3 pieces if AFK in 1h, 4-6 if active.
7. Return to Wheelton and talk to Captain Pharrel again to receive the 'Red Sunset Forest Pass from Lionel'.

Raven's recruitment quest

1. Go to Red Sunset Forest, and trigger a quest "Castle's butler Raven", move towards Raven, the Red Haired Lady will block your path trigger a combat mission.
2. In the combat mission, you'll need to defeat the Red Haired Lady & 6 Fordoi and talk to Raven.
3. After talking to Raven, proceed to Pradera de Ceniza (J7) to talk to Gavin. (Must Complete Gavin Quest to proceed)
4. Go back and talk to Raven with Gavin as leader.
5. You'll need to choose between 2 Quest  routes (Pay) or (Free) to proceed with Raven Recruitment Quest.

Dr. Torsche Questline (Free but longer)
1. Talk to Dr. Torsche to trigger "A Method to lift Raven's Curse (1)
2. Collect "Piece - Holy Water" x 500 from Al Quelt Moreza - Nartex and talk to Dr. Torsche
3. Collect "Piece - Otite" x 500 from Dr. Torsche Mansion - Reception Hall, talk to Dr. Torsche again
4. Collect "Piece - Corazon" x 500 From Bahamas, Underground area, talk to Dr. Torsche again
5. Collect "Piece - Stone Gas" x 500 from Tierra Putrefacta & "Piece - Rhodolite" from Occulta Fortress
6. Return back to Dr. Torsche with the 500 x Piece - Stone Gas & Piece - Rhodolite and you'll received a "Seal Ointment"
7. Go to Raven with the Seal Ointment to complete the Raven Recruitment Quest
8. You'll be rewarded with Raven Character Card x 1, Medal of Honor B x 1, Veteran G EXP Card x 3, Epic Grade Glazium x 2

Lionel's Information (Pay with Growth stones but shorter)
1. Talk to Lionel at Viron town and received a new quest "Get Beronif's favor (1)"
2. Talk to Alchemist Beronif at Viron (F6) to receive quest
3. Go to Red Sunset Forest to hunt for "Garas Heart x 1" then talk to Alchemist Beronif
4. Go to Red Sunset Forest to hunt for "Vordi Horn x 50" then talk to Alchemist Beronif
5. Bring 3 x Growth Stone & 100 x Shiny Crystal to Alchemist Beronif to receive the "Seal Ointment"
6. Return to Raven with the Seal Ointment to complete the Raven Recruitment Quest
7. You'll be rewarded with Raven Character Card x 1, Medal of Honor B x 1, Veteran G EXP Card x 3, Epic Grade Glazium x 2


  1. thanks for the information

  2. hmm hi sir minun what monster exactly do i need to kill to get vordi horn??? coz I afk for almost 1 hour in red sunset forest but still there is no vordi horn

    1. Hi,

      you can check out the quest drops and droprates over here in the corresponding maps.



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