14 Jan 2011

【GE】 sGE 6.3: Raven's english voice! .. he's young?!

sGE 6.3: Raven testing

So Lorenza posted this video of her trying out Raven. (The damage is not real, since it's a test-server)
I've also been correct about my self-translation for his backgroundstory.
Here's what it says when you're about to create him:

A butler for Montoro's Lucifer Castle, who worked as a spy officer for Brestia but was caught by Montoro after the Three-Year War and now works for him. He has strong animosity towards Montoro, but he looks like he's satisfied with his work.
To my demise, the screenshots of him has the younger 3D model! Raven was at first sort of a pretty boy but was then changed to look older and manlier - it would be weird if he wasn't older and rougher considering what he's been through. Below the differences of young and old Raven:


As for his voice I'm glad they kept his laugh! Otherwise he sounds a bit azn or spanish at points, and rather.. dead. I wish his voice had more life. Then again even the korean voice is like that too. :I But oh boy can I hear him say "As you wish, master." and bowing after Montoro issues a command. ♥

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