5 Jan 2011

【GE】 sGE exclusive costumes! Finally in 3D.

Once upon a long time ago, sGE had a costume and armor contest.
Well apparently IMC finally got around to making the winners costumes in 3D!
Again a huge gratz to all of them - especially to my previous factionmate Vogevogeee! ♥

Also, I'm back from my hometown, no more holidays. I'll get to checking out everyone's blogs n commenting soon enough!

A teaser picture of the winning male musk costume, more of them under "Read More"!

Le Croise M Musk by Vogelang

Le Croise F Musk by Vogelang
Mortifero Mariposa by Senor
Baby Doll by SillyGoAround


  1. Omg! Baby Doll! AOAOAOAO That constest sure has happened a while back. I remember seeing that concept in dA or something.. :Dc beloved doll.

    Man,.,. you guys are lucky. :C I wish G1 did something like this. lol

  2. vogevoge :O nice costumes


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