5 Feb 2011

【GE】 Overdose on raids! + Pandora Adventures.

I'm overdosing on raids. And I'm liking it. Within these last 2-3 days...

edit: Me and my partner also did Prison de Joaquin 06/02 and got Silver Earring Item as well as Innocentio Stancebook. We gave the stancebook to a friend because he donated us the Secret of Moonlight stance for Asoka. :)

  • 2x King Henry
  • 4x Faction Fury Raids
  • 3x Arsene/Vault
  • 3x Basement
  • 1x Castilla Relic
  • 2x Castilla Mine
  • 5x BHG Occulta
  • 4x BHG Chaos Requiem
  • 3x BHG Bahama
  • 1x Crow Forest Curse
  • 1x Red Sunset Forest

    I'm one lucky tard, I got DHr from Fury Vergo and another DHr from one of the roulettes in Red Sunset Forest. :D They're not worth much in sGE though and whether their price was 150m or 500m, selling isn't worth if you ever at any time might think of crafting something. I also started going Castilla Mine solo just to farm chips for as long as I care to stay there.

    Raep at sunset. D:

    Counting all the Fury-raids the roulette dropped about 10 DHr. I don't think anyone got an ELN recipe this time around. These Fury raids are well worth going to and can each only be done once a week [initiated by faction leader, join by clicking an icon with two swords that appears to the right of your screen]. I think up to 30 people can join and there's a ranking of how fast the factions can beat it. The bosses do hurt, mind you, so manpower is certainly needed.

    King Henry on his throne.
    King Henry dropped 2 ELN recipes at once on thursday, while none today (saturday), however an ELB item did drop. He spawns after maintenance/server restart at 10pm sharp (thursdays) as well as saturday. I'm unsure if these spawn-times will be current for Sword2, especially since you guys have different times on different servers, and probably different maintenance-schedules too.

    Onto random daily happenings.

    Met a friend from an opposing faction. Her wiz is so cash!

    Then later saw the same friend sitting AFK in Byron. Lorch. ♥

    Pandora Crystal spam. Took me to ustiur then dropped a blank.
    Another PC took me to IWT and spawned a Diablo Minion.
    Dat +8 Dragonic LoE ; A ;
    His Asoka is named after me, my Raven is named after him.
    And funnily enough, our heights are exactly like that... tiny and tall!


    1. Ahh.. If only I wasn't so nub |Dc You lucky bstrd, you /shot

      FUTURE LOOKS SO TASTY.. I don't even.. QAQ ok.. the buttrape part excluded.

      what is that.. pink thing? whatsa pandora? >oAo<

    2. Indeed. Especially considering the drops seem to get better the more often you do these raids and I missed the first week when we did it. xD

      Ahh yes~ I hope you guys can get this soon... G1 get your stuff straight alrdy >:c But hey at least a Loading Screen Contest is towards the right way (or at least for sGE that means a new ver is coming soon xD).

      That pink thing is a "Blank" item. Worthless.
      Pandora's Crystal does some random stuff like: Drop exp cards, warp you random places, spawn Diablo Minion (-50% mspd debuff) and make you say random shet in public chat such as "Oh My~ Cheesecake!!". xD


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