17 Feb 2011

【GE】 kGE v7.0 Trailer (eng subs) + RNPC Lionel!

TosHI over at sGE forums has been so kind to translate the v7.0 korean trailer. Turn on annotations ("CC" button) to view english translation.

The same user also confirmed that Lionel is apparently going to be an RNPC, who uses pistols [?].


  1. I KNEW THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN. Screw all those fatfaced valerias and caths.. and ravens *shudder*

    <3 /shot

  2. I agree with the first part apart from Raven <3

    but now there's speculation about recruiting him.. cause Byron has this dark and light quest-path: Do one and you can't do the other. So people think dark leads to Red Haired Lady and light leads to Lionel. BUT HNNNN I WANT BOTH /also shot

  3. LOL. :3 badass.. two sides, didn't expect that.. I think I'm still gonna aim for the light side. I do not like that lady. :c I don't like ladies in general in this game /cry
    If only that ever happens in S2.. Lol


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