25 Feb 2011

【GE】 kGE: Magic Circle & Devil-series preview || sGE: IAH purging bots

kGE: Magic Circle update & Devil-series preview
From 24.2-9.3 korean players can get these costumes in their Magic Circle webgame.
Other prices include 3x 90 days Rose Wing, 100x Growth Stones, 100x Ring Boxes as well as some other goodies. I'm looking forward to the Capitaine costumeseries even though it will take a very long time for sGE to get them. Probably.

  • Unbalanced Hair (Selva)
  • Black Buffalo Costume (Selva)
  • Capitaine Hair (M fighter)
  • Capitaine Costume (M fighter)
Please click "read more" if you wish to see fullbody screenshots, devil-equipment and sGE's botting-situation!

    Preview of some devil-equipment.

    sGE: Botting, Map Restarts and Permanent suspensions 

    GM Xanxus came out with an announcement in this forum [thread] today:

    Dear Gamers,

    As many of you know, our GMs recently conducted a Bot Sweep across several maps and many accounts have been suspended permanently. GMs have verified the botters personally.

    We have heard many complains about maps being restarted and reported the issue to IMC. This issue is found to be linked to botters in other maps. As such our developers have created a new function to log botting activities. Such logs are only produced by modified clients.

    Previously, our GMs have personally verified the botters in the game. Now, as long as your client is modified, it may be logged and you will risk a permanent suspension.

    Reasons such as 'I did not know that the client is modified' will not be entertained as the logs are captured once a botting function is used. Logs will serve as botting evidence.

    Do not wish to be banned? Do not bot.

    If you are not able to access your account, please send a ticket to enquire.

    A few days ago there was a massbanning of some bots, and at first I do think some people thought "ok, that's it? Not gonna applaud yet.". With this though, there's gonna be a decrease (depletion?) of botters though, providing it actually works. Some think this was an order by IMC. I do guess I can applaud now.

    The only thing I worry about is the price of Shiny Crystals. Now they are at 20k, and if this purge will mean that they might become 500k each then crafting a Dragon Heart would cost over 500 million vis (800x500k=400m). As it is I would have rather spent money on vet scrolls for crafting it.

    Now, I don't mean we need the bots to get cheap/more Shiny Crystals. I'd rather look at it in this way, as quoted from IAHed.

    If players can't acquire enough Shiny Crystals, this is a problem with game mechanics. If there are not enough low level players to supply them, or the drop rate isn't high enough to meet the demand, then the game developer IMC and IAH need to intervene in the economy. One thing they can do is increase the drop rate of Shiny Crystal boxes from higher level bosses and raids. They can add Shiny Crystals to the Family Level bonus gifts.

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