18 Mar 2011

【GE+Illust】 Soho the Butler + Spica's Disdain

I am so sorry that it took this long, Heartlly, but I hope you will like it!
He's holding miniversions of White Daggers.
I had a blast working on this and I feel like I learned new stuff.
I'm also trying to get away from animeuguu-style.

I also got the boobspike Serpent costume for my male fighter and female elementalist. I also crafted my Rio a Spica's Disdain! It came out as +0 but with two sockets. Recently I made it +6 and I've also tried to chip it. The best I ever got was like 18aspd 85human which is... just no. What I want is atk+ar. That would be just perfect.


  1. Realism art is much better than generic anime style and I would suggest that you go for it. =]

    Regarding the chipping, it seems to be giving rather lousy stats lately. It's milking players' money to give crap. -_-

  2. Thank you! I'm glad someone thinks so :)

    Ugh yes.. Either total crap or a racial that you really don't want on that certain weapon ahaha. (97 wildlife lute anyone?)

  3. Q_Q I tho u forgot about me.
    The Soho is so awsome,realy great work D:
    His eyes are kainda wierd :o
    But the clothing is so nice made and detalied
    Happy that u had fun working on this D:

    Grantz on the lute and goodluck with chiping /o/


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