17 Dec 2010

【Life】 Bunbun the Bunny

Dat ass.

This lil' furball joins us most evenings on the sofa. :> He likes just flopping over ("dead bunny flop") and chilling. He's a (we think so at least) Lionhead, 4-5 months old. Still young. He was of course quite scared and very shy of us. Nowadays not so much, as you see on the picture. He's even binkied alot. (A happy-bunny 'dance/frenzy') Today he learned to jump on/off the sofa. He's doing it all the time. xD

Now then.. bunnypic spammage commence!!


I love it when he periscopes.


  1. How adorable. ;3; Does he like to chew on thigns like.. towels?
    All the rabbits I've had liked to ruin everything :c

  2. I know right<3
    Nah, the only thing he chews on are:

    - his toiletpaper-rolls
    - his cardboardbox (well, he DESTROYS ITTTT from the inside XD)
    - cables IF he gets to them (the room where he resides has no cables)
    - The sofa. He likes digging in it.

    Then again he's still young. I believe he'll get more adventurous, explore more and be less shy with time. But spraying a bit of perfume or putting lemon's scent on stuff where you don't want him to go/touch helps a bunch.

  3. AH. How smart.. perfume.. If only I thought of it...... :c I'd still have a bunny then..
    meh.... thanks for the info tho :3c

    I'm happy with my snail-eating pet-lobster.


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