14 Dec 2010

【GE】 Tofu-warrior

For Ritnberns! Soho coming up in a day or two. I pretty much almost have christmas holidays now so more time to draw! :D

I was listening to this while drawing him, it's EPICCCC :


  1. *goes omg* <33333 I hope he didn't cause you any troubles whiel drawing lol.. hnngh ;3; My bby /shot
    I remember watching that video Daily.. back then... when Doon didn't exist.. eue nostaliga <333
    Thank you so much <333

  2. No, in fact he kept me company when I went to school and I didn't have to ; 3 ; wake up 5.20am, in school 8.30, realize there is nothing today and have to wait till 11.55am for a bus. So it was fun finishing him~

    Hahaha~ it's too epic XD


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