13 Dec 2010

【GE】 New looks~ + GFX

Main-teams new look<3

Loots of the week:

  • Romina's Natural Half wig
  • Male Serpent costume for elementalist
  • Jage Phraxi costume+hat for male scout
  • Permanent wig for Claude
  • Lorch's round glasses 
  • Leo Symbol from G.Stone book

A friend that I met in Coimbra actually asked me why I got the Jade Phraxi hat instead of buying Romina's hair with vis. At the time her hair was going for 80+ million so I wasn't too keen on it, and whaddya know, the next day it's up on HCoF for 5 tokens (~30m).

Speaking of Romina, she reached Master after Colony Wars. Reckless Emilia reached expert after like a year and a half of being vet9. Musketeer is almost 130. o A o;;; Soon family lvl 34. I've also somehow become the CW-reporter for Bach.

The submissions for the loading screen contest are also closed. I made a few more, and could've done even more but some school and deviantArt-group activities came inbetween.

One of my Viron/Byron screens.
I want these so baaad * A *
Made a whole series for these costumes.


  1. man.. I'll be jealous forever of your graphs.. Almost makes me want to steal my dad's laptop and play GE on that.. xD because it's better than my crapcompy :c
    And.. ohmy your team is so spiffy now ;u;

  2. Hahah~ Switch them out, he'll never notice! ;D

    Indeed * 3 *! I almost want to get the Olga Patrisomething just to have a set of that costume-series for my mains but sjaksfha Serpent is so much nicer.


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