5 Dec 2010

【GE illust】 Narwhals narwhals

It's a narwhaaaal

Nar-chibi as per request. Also made a couple o' sigs, up in the forum.
Soho the Butler and Doon coming up too, soon enough. :)

A note to whoever reads this blog:  
I'd love it if you didn't use my art for gfx or anything btw (unless specially drawn for you). If you really do want to use it in a sig, avatar or whatever, at least have the balls to ask me. The shoutbox isn't there for nothing. I'd hate to slap watermarks on my art just beause of something like that.

On a happier remark, my fighter has reached Master! Romina is also catching up to it. And my Musk is more than halfway to Master10. ATP and Battlecook reached Veteran.


  1. -dies from the cuteness- Needs more Nar art ;u;

  2. What cute lil buckethead :3

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Waw ! gimma link where can i ask for you to make me a Chibi-Nar, if its possible ! :b

    aawesome art ! what a piece of gold ! :DD *


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