2 Dec 2010

【GE】 Christmas Promotions + 6.3 Loading Screen Contest

So the holiday is nearing and IAH is also participating in it. Not only has the staff sung the traditional christmas-song Winter Wonderland, which I find very sweet, but they've also dished out promotion after promotion!

v2 of a loading screen I made.

【TeamGE】 Summon Angel welcomes you this christmas!

"Since Granado Espada has been upgraded to Renaissance, we would like to invite all our 'pioneer' gamers to come back and have a taste of the new episode. Accounts which meet the following criteria may find an exclusive package to 'welcome back' our early players.
 What this means is that they're giving out a special bundles of items for players who:

A. Have not logged in since Jan 1, 2010 | Account has 3 or more characters, 3 of which at least lvl50+
B. Have been playing for 50+ hourse during Oct/Nov 2010 | Account has 3 or more characters, 3 of which at least lvl50+

If you fit criteria A, you will recieve:

  • 200x Shiny Crystals
  • 1x HPS 30 days Expert
  • 1x 30days Combat Manual Expert
  • 1x 30days Tactics Manual Expert
  • 1x 30days Field Manual Expert
  • 3x Premium Wing Coupon
  • 7x Ancient Shelter Pass
  • 3x Promotion Scroll respecitvely Vet/Expert/Master
  • 20x Hrin's Liquor
  • 20x Soul Crystal
  • 200x Pet Food
  • 50x Summon Angel
If you fit criteria B (such as me), you will recieve:

  • 1x Premium Treasure Box Service
  • 20x Destiny Scroll
  • 100x Pet Food
  • 20x Hrin's Liquor
  • 20x Soul Crystal
I'm excited over the Premium Treausre Box Service, as I've never tried it before. This means that I can get 5x Eyewear box on sunday!

I know I have Sword2 players as readers, and I'm not sure if you guys have Summon Angel over there or not. But basically it gives you an AR/DR+1 buff that stays for 24 hours whether you log out or not, as well as a buff making it a very coveted item: +50% exp rate and some other goodies. That buff however only stays within the are and dissappears as soon as you log out, disconnect, change are, change channel...

【Promotion】 1 Dec ~ 3 Jan: 10% Bonus G-points

"This holiday season, from 1 December 2010, 1200 Hours (GMT+8) until 3 January 2011, 0900 Hours (GMT+8), IAHGames is giving away 10% bonus G-points whenever you top up!
For more information on the promotion, click here.

This 10% works for anything, which I'm glad for. Took the chance to topup at Offgamers, since you still get the 88 ABS on top. Sadly I got no serpent costume while playing ABS.

【HCoF】Winter Promotion

... beautiful green jewel?
  • Adelina's Christmas-costume + hat - 15T / 10T
  • Scout Jade & Raid Phraxi costumes + hats - 10T / 7T
  • Dragonic Weapons - 1GT each
  • Various +7 Imperviums
  • Rose Wing Coupon (30days) - 10T
Full newsarticle here.

I noticed to my demise that the female Phraxi costume was 7 tokens while the male one was 10 tokens. I'm waiting for this to be fixed in either way, hoping they'll make the male one 7T too, but I doubt it.

I'll also be getting a Dragonic LoE as well as the Dragonic Rapier. My elementalist is really in need of a better LoE than Bo3K and the Rapier will prove useful for Edward, Andre and Raven.

【Contest】6.3 Loading Screen Contest

Although 6.3 is far away, a loading screen contest is still in the on-going!
I've already made a couple of entries for it. I really like the fist one myself. :> The second one is very simple but, you can't really manage to read alot during a loading screen so I try to keep that in mind.
Hope I can win somehow!

Some snazzy presentation of Raven :) Use a crapload of guides n grids for this one.
Will you be able to do it?


  1. I love the Phraxi Scouts loading screens. Where did you get the renders from? =D

  2. Ohsnap I didn't get notified about this comment!

    Glad that you like them<3
    I got the renders from the korean GE-site.


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