27 Nov 2010

【GE】 Happy bday partner! + Valeria + HCoF Nov

Happy Birthday Plusle! + Valeria

My boyrfriends (also my roomie♥) birthday was on friday, so in the week at school I've been drawing on this. It's his PVP-team.

He also helped me in getting Valeria... I just.. I can't micromanage at all. ; A ; Though, if I would have killed the first monsters faster, and not died to the 2nd boss' monster-spawn, I could've done it.

Trivia about Valeria, highlight to view:

[Story spoiler] She's the twin-sister of princess Gabriela. Lyndon said something about Gabriela being chosen for next queen, but the Queen-mother still gave Valeria a name out of sympathy. Valeria was then sent to Prison de Joaquin, which is why Lyndon had, in previous quests, opposed you and your family in entering the place.[/end spiler]

Now, have some screens of her!

L-lol kidding, I'll post a proper one soon ;;;;

Hellena's Circus of Fate, nov 2010

This months costume-update includes:

Edward: Bristian Colonel costume & wig
Baihu: Gloriosa costume & wig
Grace: Ixia costume & hat

I've already bought Edward's and Baihu's sets! Ed's hair from HCoF, the rest with vis. While playing to get the tokens, I got a Gold Token. Right after Asoka was removed... Just my luck. Well, now that I have two, I'll save them for some nice update!

Rozaaz (left) is now pimp'd out!! Posing with the sparkly seller!

To be honest, I never even thought I'd get to veteran when I first started GE, let alone ever touch any ELN. My biggest goal was getting to 72 and recruiting Viki. I guess that was a ridiculous thought of mine, since the only gaming I am good at are MMORPG (Reached high-tier in GE, Rohan and FlyFF), RPGS (Persona, SMT, FF) and puzzlegames (tetris, pop-a-bubble etc).

Well I'm glad I've gotten this far!


  1. The spoiler explains a lot.. O:: I've been thinking wtf is her role in this game(no a fan. ohwell). -shrug-
    *facepalms at Valeria, closes eyes and scrolls down*
    *opens eyes*......*eyebleed* I hate those pants of Baihu's.

    Funny thing is that.. we had the same goal.. Viki was my alltime dream in this game as a noob. xDD I have mad luck in this game too.. in quests. TuT Made life even easier. but like anyone's interested in that lol -stfus nao-

  2. Being a girl I'm still a fan ecchi for some reason, lol sorry for that screen ;;;; orz

    HAHAH I really like this costume~ Even if it reminds me a bit of Grenmah. XD

    He seemed like quite an achievement xD And sure was at those levels! Yeah, I was lucky too.

  3. I guess I''m just not straight enough to look at girl's asses -shot-

    I'm trying to get used to that eye-patch because my friend is planning to get one for his Baek -shudder-

    Yeah. back then.. when everyone was like. OOohhh. Ahhh oAO I remember sitting in Topolo as a lvl 80 nub looting Mega Aids for his stance book. ohgod.
    -gits back to watching movies-


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