18 Nov 2010

【GE】 the Claireloid

Because of this thread over at sGE forums. XD
Doodled on the way home in the bus and suddenly slapped some color on it when I got home.
By the way, you can make requests of GE-related artworks in the shoutbox. If I fancy your idea I just might draw it!


  1. Omg Claireloid. :Dc She Looks lovely.

    hhnngghh.. I could request something(DoonDooDooonDoooooooon) but I guess I won't. |Dc gotta keep my ideas to myself -turd-

  2. Thank you<3

    Well you could just request a character, or some of your character and I'd just draw a normal pinup of him/her :D

  3. I dunno.. -ponder-
    In this post. the password to the reference of Doon is 'Dundieris'


    You could try him and I'll be probably the happiest retarded kid on earth. lol


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