15 Nov 2010

【GE】 Costume statistics

I'm an avid costume-collector in Granado Espada. This is for me to keep a bit track of what I have, want and how much it has costed/what I could sell them for at the moment. Mere statistics I keep for fun. I am only counting tradeable items.

TOTAL SPENT: 1.46 billion (1460 million)
Hoolyyy shiiiit I could've gotten a least an ELB with that. :D My musketeer is superspoiled....

Prices shown are current estimates on the Bach-server of sGE.
Items marked with "GP" after the price means I used GP to purchase them, not vis.

Selva - 110m
Lavender Costume - 60m, GP
Lavender Hat - 50m, GP

Romina - 60m
Schwarseiz Costume - 60m

Fighter - 70m
Aglolegion - 60m, GP
Grayterious wig - 10m

Musk - 240m
Variltorta - 60m, GP
Camaryllis - 60m, GP
Psi Rastere - 60m, GP
Wild Layared Shaggy wig - 60m

Claire - 105m
Fraulein - 60m
Pretty Short wig - 55m

Grace Bernelli - 120m
White Vent - 80m
Milky Bob wig - 60m, GP

Elementalist - 205m
Geniaruendo - 55m, GP
Scratch wig - 30m
Dignite - 45m
Blue Serpent - 70m

Scout - 170m
Inviardeco - 60m, GP
Shaggy Wolf wig - 60m
Cronian Thanatos - 30m
Jade Phraxi - 50m

Nar -120m
Carunis - 60m, GP
Wild Blare wig - 60m, GP

Baihu - 90m
Gloriosa - 50m
Gloriosa wig - 40m

Edward - 90m
Bristian Colonel - 50m
Smart Cut wig - 40m

Wings - 80m

Black Angel Wing - 50m
Fairy Wings - 30m

Romina - Natural Half wig [released]
Hellena - Cattleya costume + wig [in system, unreleased]
Claire - De L'ange Souriant costume + wig
Gavin - Le Chevre Cornue Fidele costume + wig
Reckless - Violeta costume + hat [in system, unreleased]
ATP - White Rose costume + hat
Elementalist - Olga Patricia costume [in system, unreleased]
Scout - Blue Serpent costume, Jade Praxi costume [in system, unreleased]


  1. The Gemini costume is for Catherine STR/DEX/INT. I don't think Summoner Catherine can wear it.

  2. Oh, I thought it was the gothic costume that was only for dex/str/int but this one was for all/summ. D: Will have to check up on it. Thanks for informing.


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