14 Nov 2010

【GE】 Lolmina + Castilla, Tower of Chaos

Romina in Schwarseiz costume and Seduction pose.

Two new family members:

Lolmina: Romina, named for lulz
Iguana: Gracielo, named after his hair-costume

I'm proud of myself. I bought a HCOF-costume for only vis! I sold my Crystal Wings (I find them fugly) for 50mill and bought the costume for 59mill. I'm trying to spend less GP on vanity-items, and more on things like dungeon-passes, promotion scrolls and EXP manuals.

With the new Castilla and Bounty Hunter raids getting vis isn't very hard. 100 & Veteran chips sell for 1.5mill-3mill, and sometimes we get even better stuff. Last weeks best loots:

  • Symbol of Capricorn (Dekaravia Roulette, Castilla Mine) - used to buy Cathy's Death Chopping
  • Silver Earring item with stats (Bribantra Roulette, lvl120-130 BH) - keeping, Penetration is always good
  • Artisan's Shoes rec (KOG? roulette, lvl110-120 BH?) - sold for 20mill
  • Elite Pizzarro, 30AR Javelin (Dekaravia Roulette, Castilla Mine) - trying to sell
  • X amt of 100 & Vet chips -sold 1.5/3mill each
Castilla, Tower of Chaos

I wasn't in the raid but I was watching my bf doing it with the faction. So, the screenshots are taken with a camera. I only got a few. ELN dies in this raid. When do we get better armors I wonder?:s
The last bosses look like alien things, we called them Tentacools. Their names are also funny.
The drops I didn't see very well, but nothing too fancy if I remember right. Well, then again the final boss was not downed.. Maybe she would have dropped something nice.

UJELLY? /trollface

lvl 153 "Hydro Bomber".

Almost/Full? Still could not complete.


  1. Wicked. Those bosses are complete nonsense.. Especially their looks xDD

  2. Hahaha yeah it's the General Guard all over again, tentacle-style! No but really GE sure has alot of 'futuristic golem'-like creatures. O_o Just look at Einwind...


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