8 Nov 2010

【GE】 5.0: Renaissance

Granado Espada 5.0.3 is here!

The Renaissance, version 5.0.3, has finally arived at sGE. With it comes new features, characters, raids, items and my favorite: new costumes! IAHgames has also revamped their homepage to fit the new version and the forum got a new header. The new look is very refreshing.

This post is quite long, but hey - it's a big update. Please click "read more" to view!

Valeria + Prison de Joaquin Raid

Cute Valeria~ But I look more forward to Raven!
Valeria is now available for recruitment in sGE. Her recruitment quest is rather hard! As is the raid for her stancebook "Innocentio". For both you'll need to be equipped so that you can withstand the bosses hits, down monsters fast enough and be able to take on bosses alone.
Animated cutscene of tied-up Valeria.
The most annoying monster in the recruitment-mission and raid is called "Bioman". Refer below to what it looks like. As you can see, my characters are dead at the side. It ambushed me at the beginning of the boss-room in Prison de Joaquin raid. Testeromento will also spawn a bunch of them in the recruitment-mission and it's usually those that make you fail the mission.

Bioman.. nasty little thing.
As for the raid.. First part just clear mobs (lvls around 140). Second part there's a few Elites that you have to kill off, while having a bunch of mobs on you. Third part you get teleported to random small square room, some of them containing a miniboss that you need to kill before moving on. If you're lucky you can get to the last warp that leads to the boss instantly. I was lucky and only had to kill one miniboss! Below is what the room-map looks like - you can see nearby families by using /camcol off. After these rooms it's the final boss time. He spawns a few minibosses too. Reward-system is roulette and you can get anything from bad items to very good ones (32AR items, Innocentio Stancebook, ELN rec..).

Waiting for the other people to finish.

Old Colony Wars!

Old Colony Wars is back, hell yeah. It was the most fun CW I have had since I joined the Bach-server. I really enjoy the old system because you get variation of terrain, some that you can even use tactically. Battling in different maps is also much nicer than just running in circles on one simple map whacking colonies like before. I'm very glad IMC decided to bring back this feature. A sadder fact is that the Colony Buff has been removed.

I. Love. My. Ele.
I need to get breakers.. Ele is so slow. e_e

Free recruitable characters

Previously cash-requiring characters can now be recruited by doing a different quest than the cash-one. (option to pay cash is still available) The new quests can all be found over at Book of Wind's character page.

The new characters in my family:


Maki: Irawan named after Straightener from sGE forums.
Eevee: Angie named the same as my BFs Angie, cause I thought it was suitable.
Jolyne: Fengling named after Jolyne from the 6th JoJo series - I want to rename her 'Failing'.
Rozaaz: Baihu named after Rozaaz from Sword2.


With the new version comes a new region with raids and new cool-looking NPCs. You need to be lvl 100 or above to enter. So far I've only explored Castilla Mines a few times but I've seen faction-mates do Relics and Temple of Chaos. The maps and music look really cool. Castilla Mines may have reused old monster-designs, but past Relics there are a bunch of new ones, such as valkyrie-looking monsters. The Castilla Temple looks very beautiful.

The drops from Castilla Mines range from utter crap to very nice - pure gold bar being one of the worst. symbols and DHr being part of the really nice ones. The raid is definitely soloable if you have the equipment for it. The Basilisk boss is probably the hardest, being able to 1-hit KO Elite Le Noir.

Dekaravia is only really annoying if he curses or confuses you. While confused your characters will attack ally and foe on their own, they will even use skills. It's not too nice seeing your musketeer suddenly Accuracy Shooting your friends, heh. Maybe even worse - your elementalist using Abyss Flare on everyone!

Adriana: AdelinaxBayonetta?
Found a Rio at Base2 after the Mine! Rayn threatening him to pose?!
Bonus: I just love it that earrings actually show up.


    *watches Doon dressing your Baihu in a pretty dress* B))

    Anyways..... Now it seems that Rennaissance ain't so bad. oAo Free UPCs... Good thing I wasted money on mine lolol. I'd be crying my eyes out if I tried to get Rio the free way xD
    Also.. I am jealous of your computer.. the screens are.. such.. good quality.

  2. HOHOHOO~~
    Aaah abuse, his eyebrows of epicness do not agree with the dresses ;_;

    Nah it's not. Alot of improvements. Though there's still the option to pay cash for them^^ But I'm stubborn - I'll make it an achievement to get him for free! (though 9 Shiny Crystal for each sword hurtssss, but at least the crystals go for 10-30k here...)

    Harrrrharrr only reasons I got this computer cause it said 'good for multimedia and gaming' XD work+hobby in one!!


    I see I see. :3c I'm eagerly waiting for Sword2 To update to Renaissanse. xDD Need new party places -tard-

    Awesome. ;A;


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