16 Jan 2012

【Recruitment & Stance Quest】 Veatrice

There might be errors, so if you see any please try to help and correct. I tried my best. I'm still going back to the guide and editing stuff as I realize things.

("Beatrice" in sGE)
40 AGI 40 CON 55 DEX 50 INT 85 CHA 60
Possession Lightning, Tempest [e]
Generic Coat, Wizard Coat, Elementalist Robe
Trigger: -
Pre-requisite: M'boma recruitment & creation, M'boma's extended quest finished
Items needed within the quest: 20x Veteran Chips

  1. Talk to M'boma in Coimbra.
  2. Move to Byron and talk to Veatrice to be moved to a non-combat instance.
  3. Talk to Taikbin and then to Veatrice.
  4. Talk to Pharrel to be moved to a non-combat instance.
  5. Talk to Pharrel.
  6. With M'boma as leader, talk to Veatrice to be moved to a non-combat instance. From here on out use M'boma as leader whenever you talk to anyone.
  7. Talk to Veatrice.
  8. Give Veatrice 20 Veteran Chips
  9. Get 1x Nephtys Piece and 1x Cortes Piece from TimeParadox missions, then give them to Veatrice. The item droprate is 100% providing you are in the right squad like in Lionel's quest. Also as in the TimeParadox missions for Ion's card, these missions are very tough and may need a couple of tries even for experienced and tough players to finish. There is no other way to get these items for now.
    To easier ensure the questing party gets the item, the 2nd squad (if existing) should disband completely at around 10% of boss health. For questers, remember to bring a bunch of Soul Crystals to the raids since you have to be alive to get the quest item.

    Kill the monsters in the corridors, having tank go first to aggro. Then proceed to one Ararat-room, kill the mages and then Ararat. Do the same for the other Ararat-room. Once in the room with Nephtys, tank will kite her. She is VERY slow. Do note she has an Abyss Flare like attack, so when you see her fly up, run far away. She will also summon minions that stun you, and hit VERY hard. At times, she will summon them back to herself, which can save you from harm. Otherwise, if you aggroed minions, run out of her room to de-aggro.

    This raid needs 1 tank, and a team of dedicated 3x WC/Eraser. Tank needs to obviously keep Cortes turned away from dps, while WCer stops Cortes from using Stone Sweep (it 1hko's pretty much everything). It may be easiest for the tanker to only have 1 character with him, having 3 can screw you over.

    Tank goes in first to aggro mobs, kill them as he does so.  Once monsters are cleared, head up towards Cortes. Note that in the area around him, falling stones keep appearing. They can stun, petrify and knock you down. Debuffs can be removed with Refresh Mind. For DPS, position yourself behind Cortes back so his normal attack won't hit you. Keep your reser further away. Eva Sharon will appear at a certain percentage of Cortes hp, focus her -- she casts Darkness debuffs. Remove these with Escape Artist.
  10. Talk to Pharrel.
  11. Talk to Veatrice. You will be moved to a non-combat instance.
  12. Talk to Veatrice to recieve her character card.

【Tempest Stancebook】
  1. Finish Veatrice's recruitment quest.
  2. Talk to Veatrice using M'boma. You will be moved to two non-combat instances.
  3. Talk to Veatrice.
  4. With Veatrice in your team, move to Rio Albi and click on the Gate of Lightning at e7 at channel 1. You will be moved to a quest instance and as such do not need the usual items that are otherwise required to enter.
  5. Talk to Einschwer using Veatrice to recieve the Tempest Stancebook.
    Buy the stancebook from Master Guardian with 5 Stance Promotion Scrolls.


  1. Thanks for this Minun, time paradox mission worries me a lot @.@

  2. Worries all us not so imbas a lot D:

  3. By the way, Minun. Only 1 Nephthys will be present for the Veatrice quest. Cortes will summon Sharon when his health drops to a particular percentage.

  4. Time Paradox is a new raid/instanced raid or something?

  5. that means you dont need the symbol+grownt stone ???

  6. the way some boss/monster are giving stance to the upc coming its almost like the way dragon been teaching dragonslayer technics to Natsu and co in fairy tail, lol....
    Very nice Indeed :)
    Tempest from Ein, Efreet from Skehm, only frost isnt from
    Novia :D

    1. Haha, it kind of is like that isn't it.
      Well, Elmorc teaches him the power, and Elmorc is quite powerful himself. Not quite like Novia though lol.

    2. Ricardo Schiller3 July 2012 at 19:59

      The case is that the Elem Trio is Learning from the Elemental MONSTERS, thats why Novia isnt the Ice Teacher ;)

    3. I understand Elmorc & Einschwer are elemental monsters. But in Ludin's case, she gets her power from Sekhmet, instead of say, Lavaleaf.. o: (Sekhmet is the lady, not the big monster she is sitting on.)

    4. Sekhmet's apparently an elf though. Novia is pure human.

    5. Sekhmet's an elf? Where'd you learn this? I want to read. D:!

    6. The Efreet stance book says it. "power borrowed from the fire elf...." something like that.

    7. Sehkmet is actually the big monster.
      However the woman sitting on the chair in his stomach does have a name, which is what the whole monster is called in the character files, "Queen Fayisa".

  7. Where can I find Veatrice?I can't find him in Byron though I have already finished M'Boma's Extended Quest

    1. Veatrice is female. Also, IAH hasn't released her quest yet as far as I know.

  8. What about the real Cortes and Nephy from Warehouse raid?

    Do they also allow you to get the Cortes and Nephy pieces?

    1. As far as I know, only Time Paradox will give it.

  9. and plese note the gate of tempest stance book only appeared on ch 1 (sGE). geez im wandering around ch 3 like a lost child to find dem gate =___+

  10. hey minu any link for the complete raid info for the time paradox like AR/DR atk/def res and HP =^^=

    1. Hello,

      I only know the stats of Time Paradox Rose.
      I don't think anyone has made guides, not even sure if recorded videos. Sorry.

      However you can, when making a room for the raids choose "BROKEN Time Piece" and that results in an easier version of the raid!


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