29 Jan 2012

【Minun Family】 80 questions for GE-players

My answers to 80 questions for GE-players.
My english translations of them can be found here, and the original japanese ones here.

80 questions for GE-players 

1. What is your Family name? 
2. What GE-version/server do you play on? 

sGE, Bach server.
3. What is your familylevel and how many characters do you have? 

43+3 with 67 characters (+2 slots for Daria and Natalie when they get released).
4. What faction are you in? (If any) What is your alliance? (Royalist/Republican/Neutral) 

Pokemon, royalist. The family is allied to Esmero.
5. How long have you played GE?
3+ years. 

6. How did you start playing GE?
I found out about the japanese open beta but couldn't play it. Only much later did I find the game again.
7. How did you come up with your Family name? 

It's a Pokémon! A very cute one at that. My partners name was Plusle. 
Stock character questions
8. Which stock character is your favorite? 
Scout and elementalist. 
9. Please talk freely about fighters.
I've only experienced them as tanks... in which they're great, but I'd prefer the Trooper. 
10. Favorite fighter stances and skills? 
I love the normal attack cycle animation of Sidewinder! 
11. Please talk freely about wizards. 
I don't play wizards.. I wanted to buy a good set (rod+elb) but I changed my mind. 
12. Favorite wizard stances and skills?
As I said, I don't use them. ): But I do love other wiz users who are good at Whole Cancelling.
13. Please talk freely about musketeers. 
I used to main musk but they just die far too easily. Maybe I will change my mind with Unlimited Shot.
14. Favorite musketeer stances and skills?
I like Outrage Shot, it looks cool!
15. Please talk freely about scouts.
I LOVE SCOUTS! The scouts that I have had over the years have all been a great help.♥
16. Favorite scout stances and skills?
I love the way Corte Duplicado looks, sadly it's rather useless.
17. Please talk freely about the elementalists. 
I LOVE ELES TOO!! I will never not play elementalist. Especially male ones.♥
18. Favorite elementalist stance and skills? 
Occult Magic! Of course. I love how Ice Virille and Abyss Flare look when a male ele does it.
19. Favorite speech/voices of stock characters?
The male elementalist in sGE voicepack.
20. Favorite costume/equipment for stock characters? 
Blue Serpent costumes and the Trump armors.
21. What do you expect of stock characters in the future?
More costumes and stances..!

RNPC/UPC character questions
22. Favorite male RNPC/UPC? 
Ralph! Isn't that clear already? Other favorites: Baihu, Raven and Rio.
23. Favorite female RNPC/UPC? 
Idge/Battlesmith ranks high in my mind.
24. Favorite RNPC/UPC stance and skills? 
Tronada Cruz and Frost.
25. Favorite speech/voices of RNPCs/UPCs?
Idge's sGE voice is very cute.
26. What RNPC/UPC would you recommend to use?
Claude, Calyce/Ralph, Natalie, Coimbran Trooper.
27. What was your most memorable recruitment quest? 
When Catherine Torsche's quest first came out and it wasn't nerfed I had to rest on the quest for a bit cause I got so frustrated. Doing it with an expert Summoner was not fun.
28. Favorite RNPC/UPC that hasn't yet been recruited or released? 
Ion and Vincent!!
29. Favorite costume/equipment for RNPC/UPC?  
Blaue Spiel (Primula) set for Rio.
30. What do you expect of RNPCs/UPCs in the future? 
I wish Gerard Lauren would be recruitable.

31. Here is Gracielo, looking at you from afar. You feel like he wants to be partners with you.
Will you let him join your Family? 
He already is in it.. eating all our chocolate and bread....

MCC3 questions
32. What characters do you prefer? 
Characters that survive and/or deal alot of damage; Claude, Elementalist, MMAs.
33. What character do you secretly hate?
Emilia and the builders.
34. What is your main MCC3 team? (List more if you have more than 1 main team)
35. What team would you think of if you saw the sentence "These are real men..."?
Claude/Jean/Soho the WInd
36. What MCC3 team would you like to use? (Okay to include not yet implemented characters) 
Ion/Cath T/Scout
37. What stats would you primarily add to fighter-types (including RNPCs/UPCs)?
Strength / Healthpoints
38. Stats for wizard-types?
39. Stats for scout-types?
40. Stats for musketeer-types?
41. Stats for elementalist-types?
42. Do you make use of any combination buffs?
Usually "the Pioneers".

Equipment questions 
43. What is your most prideful equipment?
Weapon: +6 Elite Silver Crossbow atk/ar 3S (I should try to +7 it :/)
Armor: +6 ELN elementalist 3DR (this one should be +7 too, shouldn't it...)
44. What is the nicest equipment you acquired as a drop/in roulette? Are you lucky with drops?
I am not lucky at all so.. the only 'good' roulette item I ever got was Palermo's Fire-recipe.
45. Do you enhance items? What is your highest enhancement failure and success?
I've only ever gone to +6 on my 'good' items, but I have gotten crap items to +8 at most.
46. Do you think certain enhancement NPCs have more chance to succeed than others? Which one? 
I usually go to Byron if I enhance good stuff because it's my favorite city, all else in Rebol 'cause I start there.
47. Do you enchant items? What is the best stat you have gotten?
No.. I don't really enchant. I can't even get DR on an E84 armor with  500 chips.
48. Do you craft your own equipments? 
Yes, I craft AR32 weapons.

PvP questions 
94. What is your experience with victory and defeat in PvP?
I suck. That's all there is to say. I'm a pure raider.
50. What MCC3 teams are often used in Team PvP?
I've never been to Team PvP but I'm guessing combinations of Calyce/Emilia/Scout/Lionel/Claire/Romina/Cath T.
51. Please talk about some common tactics. 
Using knockdown skills are effective.. and skills with fast casting time. I have neither of those lol.
52. What are you proud of to achieve in PvP?
Not dying instantly. Even if I can't win, at least I don't go down in one hit!
53. What is the most annoying MCC3 team in PvP? 
Catherine Torsche + Claire + Scout/Valeria
54. Your most impressive PvP memory? 
Harpooning Reckless/Wizards to death in wxpvp with Claude cause I had no other range at the time.
55. Have you joined Colony War/Alliance War? Please talk freely about it. 
I used to go Colony War alot when I was in Athena. Now I don't have a PvP-team but I will soon try to go Alliance War!
56. Any thoughts or expectations about PvP in the future? 
Perhaps more innovative situations.

Other questions 
57. What is your favorite pet? 
White Tiger.
58. What kind of pet would you like to implement?
Montoro in bat form. Moving Rock. Mini Steel Ararat.
59. Favorite pose?
60. Please post a favorite screenshot here. 
61. What is your favorite monster? 
Moving Rock. They're cute.
62. What is your least favorite monster? 
Thoracotomy and everything in Castilla Mine.
63. Do you participate in raids? (Including solo) 
Yes. I do daily Basement and Vault. Sometimes I do Bounty Hunter, Prison and Mines.
64. Do you have a favorite leveling map? 
Via Fluvial.. Otherwisee premium dungeons.
65. What map, that you've never been to, would you like to visit?
Inside of Montoro's Castle.
66. What is your favorite city? 
67. What is your favorite background music from the game?
Captain Immortal.
68. What is your favorite raid/mission/instance? Please explain about it. 
I like Tower of Chaos, it's a pretty map with cool but tough monsters.
69. What is your favorite official event?
Cash-shop discount events and loading screen contest.
70. Have you participated in events organized by the gameprovider or individuals?
Yes, both cash-spending and free ones, but only online/ingame because I don't live in Asia.
71. What thoughts do you have about the Cash Shop/Item Mall?
I'm very sad that they removed the old permanent costumes.
72. What about any of the gambling webgames related to GE?
I find Hellena's Circus of Fate is decent, but Panfilo's Potluck is too random.
73. Let's be honest. How much do you think people spend in the above mentioned things? 
Too much! I know people who have bought millions of G-points..
74. What are your fond memories of GE? 
Getting an Asoka for free and giving it to my boyfriend.
75. And as well, your bitter memories? 
I don't want to think of it, but I spent alot of vis on aquiring a certain character that I love. orz
76. Do you have any general thoughts, suggestions or ideas about GE? 
Less modern costumes. I loved the intricate baroque-inspired costumes..
77. What do you think about your GE-versions next update?
78. Take care of yourself in and out of GE! Any words of advice about doing so?
Play less if you play alot. I need to follow that advice myself lol.
79. What do you think about the gameprovider and GMs of your GE-version?
It's decent at most, a bit frustrating at times. From GMs I have gotten good support in my issues, though..
80. Cheers for your good work!
Wooh... Time to chill, then! 


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