19 Dec 2011

【GE】 sGE v9.5 + Recent family happenings

sGE version 9.5

One of my entries for the loading screen contest.
sGE will be updating to version 9.5 very soon, the estimated time of arrival is sometime in January considering the loading screen contest ends the 5th. I'm very excited about this, although I do wish we could've gotten Ion in the update too. I guess we can't get everything at once though. Speaking of Ion, I'm nearly done collecting all his quest items. I still need some 23 Rare Book of Combat but I have everything else set. As for the rNPCs we get in 9.5, I'm all set for them.

On another note, for some reason, I've become rather interested in the new Tome-user Vincent. I hope his quest won't be too hard, and I know I've got most pre-requisite quests for him done (Holy Water Questline). When korean/japanese guides for him and/or Grandies appear I will probably attempt to translate them.

Recent family happenings

My main team is pretty much set for now. They've all got decent or better than such gears, I managed to +6 both of my White Bishops after one failure and I've acquired weapon costumes for Polearm (Silence of Ignisia) as well as two Dagger costumes (Secret of Aquichtus). I'm not interested in the original LoE weapon costumes so unless we get a different series such as Angel weapon costumes I won't bother with those.

Speaking of weapon costumes, I didn't quite think I'd bother with them at all but it seems I'm already the owner of 1 Silence of Ignisia (polearm), 2 Secret of Aquichtus (daggers), 1 Philosophy of Ventuamos (rapier) and 1 Disaster of Aquichtus (shotgun). And all the while the only weapon costume I really care about is that of crossbows..

Lastly, my Aurora (Valeria) and Lestat (Edward) have both reached master level after some grinding at Vespanolas. They both also have all stances at max level. I'm currently experting my Equius (Ralph), Alyssa (Catherine Torsche) as well as my Coimbra Trooper.

Collecting the Blue Serpent series..
BUYING: Blue Serpent for female scout!
Paying very well! (around ~400m vis)
Also collecting: Capitaine series.
And randomly bought the skating costume for F fighter.


  1. Still, all the best in hunting for a blue serpent female scout costume. :D

  2. Thank you!
    I will give up though if I don't get it before the elemental costume series is released.. ):
    I quite like the female scout one and it would fit nicely with the golden angel wings.

  3. hey imba minunsss i like your imba gear and all i still haven't hit expert yet but i'm going to be more active i heard you were not gonna be on around new year so i'll see you again in the new year i guess hope to be more social with you and all poke's in future gaming ;)

  4. Heeey hookies :D hope you're having a great holiday!

    Yeah, I hope to see you around too :) we can do JB and BHG and stuff!

  5. yea indeed and by the way that was a typo i haven't hit master yet lol but i think you knew that haha but yea we should do more BHG and JB together it will be fun!!

  6. Earth of the Bless sounds like a good alternative for the female scout. Has a hint of middle eastern flavor with all the gold and jewel tassel. =D

  7. Hahahahahahahaha! Equius, huh???????? ::::p

  8. @hookies: Yeah, I got that xD
    Definitely gonna be fun :>

    @Hueruza: Yes, indeed!

    @Vriska: D--> He is a STRONG %box user after all, i thought it was fitting, along with his vest being b100

    1. Hehehe, I'm actually a huge fan of homestuck. c:
      Lots of people at my school even call me, "Vriska"
      It's what I introduce myself as. ::::)

    2. Ohh, you are.. actually the first other Homestuck fan I've ever talked to, pretty much haha. Sweet. I'm not so much into the fandom though, just read it and draw some fanart now and then.


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