9 Nov 2011

【GE】 Monster appreciation time!

I like taking close up shots of monsters in GE, because they're very detailed if you do look close!
More to come in the future.

King Betelguese at Lucifer Castle Basement
Bioman at Joaquin Prison basement raid
Thoracotomy at Skullic Dungeon
Catherine Torsche's Lloyd
Mario at Arsene raid
Stone Cortes at an instanced quest
Summonable Diablo minion

Vergo the Cursed
Elmorc at Frozen Plain


  1. Quite the handsome one! I wish I had a better sceenshot of him though.

    ... him and Ion have resemblance in looks!

  2. I demand Castor DDDD:

    and Basilisk. |:3


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