15 Oct 2011

【Recruitment & Stance Quest】 Ludin

[source] GE PlayForum & Blue Moon Waltz, thank you!

STR 40 AGI 50 CON 40 DEX 40 INT 90 CHA 70
Possession Fire, Efreet [e]
Elementalist Robe

Trigger: Move to Port of Bahia.
Important information: Clock Tower Entry Quest completed and Lionel character created needed to progress.
Items needed within the quest: Shiny Crystal, one of each 7 Naraka Pieces, 1 Symbol of Naraka*, Clockt Tower key, Elemental Jewel/Clock Tower Entry pass, Key to 10th Clock Tower Floor (optional).
*She will take all your previous 7 Naraka Pieces, so you do need two whole sets of 7 - the pieces and then for the Symbol itself.

  1. Move to Port of Bahia to automatically trigger her quest.
  2. Talk to Ludin at h10. You will be moved to an instance.
  3. Talk to Ludin again.
  4. Re-enter Port of Bahia and talk to Ludin.
  5. Kill Hellbreaker (Toubkal Mine raid) and Lavaleaf (Gate of Fire raid). Go and talk to Ludin. These raids allow a total of 12 people to enter and can be done once a day. (change made in v8.6+)
  6. Talk to Ludin. You will be moved to an instance invlolving combat.
Thief Taikbin Lv. 120
Human / Medium Size / Soft Armor
AR 62 / DR 62

  • Talk to Ludin.
  • Talk to Ludin and give her a Shiny Crystal.
  • Collect 7 different Pieces of Naraka (He, Ma, Mo, Beel, Lu, Than, Al) and then talk to Ludin.
    *Regular rewards at the Clock Tower raid, can also be farmed in the Byron maps.*
  • Collect 1 Symbol of Naraka and talk to Ludin.
  • Go to Byron and talk to Lionel at f6.
  • Go to Port of Bahia and talk to Ludin.
  • Go to Byron and talk to Lionel.
  • Go to Port of Bahia and talk to Ludin.
  • Go to Byron Red Sunset Forest i6 to trigger an instanced combat mission. Help Ludin defeat the monsters.

  • Frodoi Lv. 120
    Daemon / Small Size / Light Armor
    AR 60 / DR 60

    Vordoi Lv. 120
    Human / Large Size /  Heavy Armor
    AR 60 / DR 60

  • Go to Port of Bahia and talk to Ludin.
  • Go to Byron and talk to Lionel.
  • Go and explore the 10th floor of the Clock Tower raid.
    *You don't have to kill the 10th floor boss!  
    You need the key to enter the Clock Tower (exchanged for 2 Moon Stones from Jenia) as well as the free entry pass (finish Alliance/Mercenary Quest) or 1 Elemental Jewel per entry. After the 1st floor you can skip to the 10th floor if you have the key for it. *
  • Talk to Lionel.
  • Have Lionel in your team and go to Port of Bahia and talk to Ludin. You will be moved to another instance with Thief Taikbin from before. Finish the instance.
    Reward: Ludin Character Card.

  • 【Efreet Stance Book】
    [Stance Information @ ChristusX Blog]
    1. Finish Ludin's recruitment quest.
    2. Go to Island of Fire, with Ludin in your team, and click on the rock at g10. You will be moved to an instance. Talk to Sekhmet.
    3. Collect 1 Symbol of Sagittarius and 3 Growth Stones. Go back to Island of Fire, with Ludin in your team, and click the stone at g10 again. Talk to Sekhmet.
      Reward: Efreet Stance Book.
      OPTIONAL WAY: Purchase with 5x Stance Promotion Recipe from Master Guardian.

      Okay that was.. alot of running back and forth everywhere. Again, if you see anything that needs correcting, please tell! This was written at 2am so I wouldn't wonder if that was the case.

      To craft a key to the 10th floor of Clock Tower you will need its recipe as well as:

      2x Piece of Naraka - He
      25x Pure Otite
      1x Expert Token
      50x Iron Ore
      50x Shiny Crystal


    1. Seems like another problematic character again. I tire of Clock Tower.. -_-

    2. thanks for the guide keizoku. do you mind if i use some info here? i'll link your guide of course. ^_^

    3. @Hue/Leo: Yeah.. At least we don't have to fight the 10th floor boss though, I hear it is a big pain in the ass. = A =

      @Christus: No prob, and of course you can! I updated the guide a bit just now (18:50 servetime) and I think it's as complete as I can personally make it at the moment.

    4. Minun, Ludin`s quest just enter lvl 10 of Clock Tower will do?

    5. There's no mention of killing the boss whatsoever, so that seems to be the case. Just enter.

      Maybe you'll have to run to a certain spot though, I don't know, the other guides didn't say such a thing.

    6. The version I play hasn't gotten Ludin or Lionel yet so, can you tell me what exactly is the Alliance/Mercenary quest? Also thanks a lot for the guide, been waiting forever for one to be translated. <33

    7. Also if the hellbreaker and lava leaf the instanced ones, or the actual ones?

    8. Alliance/Mercenary quest are for people to allign themselves to the Royalist or Republican Secret Society, or the Pegadilla Mercenaries if you are factionless. Finishing the quest will give you a pass to enter the Clock Tower free at any time. Otherwise you have to pay 1 Elemental Jewel every time you go in.

      As for the raids, I think eitherway is fine. Once we get her quest, which will probably be around new years, I'll update about this matter.

      No problem, glad I could be of help<3
      I have Ion's guide here in a document too but, I need to ask someone for permission first before I can (or cannot) post it.

    9. Annoying chick from above above!31 October 2011 at 17:20

      So basically the Alliance/Mercenary quest is to uhh, be in a clan that's either Roy or Repub? Or is it something different all together? 0_0 Sorry, I just really wanna be clear about this. xD;;

    10. It's different from being just Royalist or Republican. Once a faction joins either Esmero or Souveran you cannot change it, but individual families can ally themselves to any of the following and change it later on too:

      Neutralists and factionless families can join the Pegadilla Mercenaries. To leave the mercenaries you just need to talk to Gerard.

      Royalist families can join the secret society of Esmero/Lealtad.

      Republican families can join the secret society of Souveran/Gleichstellung.

      To leave Esmero or Souveran Secret Society you need to do a "Betrayer" quest. I don't know its details but I heard it's very annoying.

      There are some perks to being in an allied faction with allied members, such as a "DMG against monster +%" buff. It increases the more members are in the alliance. :)

      To get more insight on the matter you can take a look at sGE's introduction article of Alliances. http://ge.iahgames.com/news/newsArticle.aspx?id=1677

    11. Alright! Thank you so much! c:

    12. I have updated the guide about Hellbreaker and Lavaleaf.

      Those raids are already changed into once a day raids where 12 people can enter, by the time that Ludin gets introduced.

      So, only the instanced version of them are available.

    13. Psst, Minun, it's the #1 Ludin Lover again, I have a question, I dunno if you've ever tested this but, do you know if Ludin + Claire in a team would give the "Hope of the New World"/ "Junior Club" combination buff? Just curious o_o

      1. The "Junior Club" buff (along with the previous 3-character combi buffs) does not exist anymore - so no, Claire and Ludin will not have a buff together by themselves. For a Claire+Ludin team I'd probably add Viki as ET-buffer then.

    14. Aw man! I was going to make my team Ludin+Claire+Valeria, 'cause she has inno. I am so sad. :(

    15. i cannot access christusX blog? he block it or something/

      1. He's changing some stuff on it and said it'll be back up soon enough.

    16. Hi Minun!

      What items do we need to summon the instanced HB/GOF raid? Where would be the summon area? Toukbal Mine and Topolo Durga respectively?

      1. Lavaleaf: 1 Orb of Fire, gotten from tunnelboy. when you go in click the seal and use Orb of Fire, then move forward and click the other seal to spawn Lavaleaf. Gate is at Topolo Durga.

        Hellbreaker: Needs 4 (6?) Key of Capybara. In the raid just go and activate both switches and it spawns. Note it's a flying boss. The raid is in the Toubkal Mine yes.

        Both raids are ridiculously easy compared to their previous versions.

    17. Efreet stance book is limited to 1 per family?

      1. From the quest I don't know if you can only get one or repeat it. Eitherway the stancebook is also purchaseable with a Stance Promotion Recipe (Byron Black Questline) from the Master Guardian.

    18. do i really need to get raven to get ludin

      1. You need to complete his recruitment quest since it unlocks important Byron quests needed to enter the forests, Lucifer Castle, recruit Lionel and enter the Clock Tower which are almost all needed for Ludin's quest. There's no need to actually create him, though.

        So yes, in a way, you do need to get Raven.

    19. i dont even know how to egt to clock tower i dont get how it works like the flors to confusing can someon explain it plz?

      1. You need to finish pretty much Byron's whole questline to enter it. Google to find those, I only make guides for new korean chars.

        For the raid you can max have 24 people (2 squads) and the best dps is Ele/Calyce/Ralph. Musks SUCK in it.

        There are 12+1 floors: 7 & 8 bosses are for Lionel quest and entering 10th floor is for Ludin's quest.

        It is a master lvl raid.

    20. Averdrith - Rembrant15 April 2012 at 09:56

      thanks to ur guide minun, i already get my ludin and efreet, i trully respect how ur dedication to play the game and at the same time make all of sort this things (guide), 4 thumbs+toe up for u!!

    21. There are 2 rocks at G10 :
      - left one is for pet's quest
      - right one is for Ludin's quest

    22. Minun hello...

      just curious do we need to kill the first boss in 1st floor to use the 10th key?

      1. Yes -- killing the first floor boss opens the portal, which lets you jump anywhere provided you have the key.

      2. How do we use the 10th key? Drag it in the portal or Click the portal?

      3. Click on the portal and simply choose the 10th floor from the list that appears. Then the lobby opens and anyone can make a room.

      4. any one can make a room .. ?
        means if i'm in squad and some one has key (10th floor for ex.)
        then all squad can jump to 10th floor ??
        i mean 1 key in squad can lead ALL SQUAD to that floor .. is this right or i misunderstand ? need help :(

      5. As long as you have one key for whatever floor you want to go to, everyone can go. So, you are right. 1 key means all can go.

    23. In the Beatrice recruitment guide you made, you said there's an optional way of getting Beatrices' Tempest stance.
      "OPTIONAL WAY: Buy the stancebook from Master Guardian with 5 Stance Promotion Scrolls."
      Is Efreet available from Master Guardian. And if so, how many scrolls are needed?

      1. Hello,

        yes, Efreet is also available. Same price, 5 scrolls. All the 'new' stances so far are 5 scroll each, with Prelude and MMA needing 3 while Selva's stance needs only 1.


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