21 Oct 2011

【GE+illust】 Happy Halloween!

Valeria in her Pigeonne costume. Sketch drawn during class.
I'm back, oops

Allright, most people that I know from sGE already know this, and those others that read this blog should find it obvious by now that I am back to the game.

A lot of stuff happened in this past month. I mastered Ele, Scout and Claude, experted Bernelli and got a lot of characters to veteran or close to it.

For mastering I found soloing the Minibosses at Pink pass the most efficient. (apart from that one time when Pedo was helping me, that was the best ♥) Minisquads suck though.They are just terrifyingly bad. Anyway, onto nicer things! Namely...

Halloween event item farming

Kittens ♥ I also got La Sagittaire Optimiste for my Bernelli recently.
This is the team I use for my Halloween Event quests and Haunted House missions.

After a total of 27 keys I got...

8x Halloween Box C
6x 2-day Back Costumes with stats*
1x "Black Cat Band" Hat Costume*
20x Teleport Scroll (Event)*
5x Veteran Chip (Event)
1x Grave Stone*

1x Halloween Box B
3x Hrin's Liquor (Event)

97x Halloween Box A
32x 2-day Back Costumes with stats*
15x "White Cat Band" Hat Costume*
10x "Black Cat Band" Hat Costume*
2x "Grave Stone" Back Costume*
45x Veteran Chip (Event)
45x Enhanced Hrin's Liquor (Event)
18x Hrin's Liquor (Event)
30x Ring Box (Event)
3x Training Card G

From the ring boxes I got...
Skill/Job rings: Aqua Pierce, 2xDestruido, Massacre, Impulse, 2xDivine Bless, Ice Soul Attack, Blood Curse, Shadow Dawn, Guardian, Tenacity, Lado Platada, Cyclone, Expoison, Soul of Grim, 2x Consolidation, Spell Bead, Trigger, Heart breaker, Swift Move, Elemental Power,  Fire Storm, Throwing Axe, High Tide, Shadow Trigger, Requiem, Absolute Zero, Piercing Bound, Barsel, Volition.
Stance rings: The Crusader, Rapiere of Grim, Flame-Guard, First Aid.

I will keep updating my loot list as I do the quests.

* I stopped counting these because jegus you get so many.. I threw a bunch of Cat Bands into the Costume Collection box already, if you want any Cat Bands on Bach PM me.. :P


  1. Looks like the barons want you... Looking at the rings :D

  2. Hehheh that is absolutely fine with me, I have an almost master Edward. >:D

    What I don't have is anyone for that Crusader ring.. derp time to level Trooper?


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