13 Sep 2010

【GE】 Supply Stocking + Loading screen contest

Been sick for some time, so I didn't CW, but before making dinner I did go and try my luck with Supply Stocking Wars.
I managed to get 6 boxes, containing:
  • Veteran G exp cards
  • Veteran B exp cards
  • A bunch of 90 H exp cards
  • 2x Ring Boxes: Target Check (Flintlock) and Death Cut (Death Chopping) rings
My favorite loot so far have been these ringboxes and a 50% CM that I got the very first time I did Supply Stocking Wars. It's great since it stacks with 100% CM and all other exp-buffs!!

My Fighter and Claire are closing in on expert! Claire needs only 180% more. Still not sure whether I should make her GS or cannon-built. Probably cannon though, since the squad I am in during CW concentrates mostly on breaking.

After those two are experted I guess I'll go with Reckless + ETS + Grace. That's gonna be a painful team to level up afk. :I

sGE also had a loading screen competition recently. I entered, but didn't win anything. There were a total of 10 prizes, 3 out of the winners won twice so there goes 6 placements already. :I I'm bummed because some of the loading screens I REALLY loved didn't win....

Here's my entry. It's been a while since I did any kind of graphics.

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