17 Jan 2013

【Recruitment & Stance Quest】 J.D.: Codename Judgement Day

[source] 2ch GE Wiki

There might be errors or mistakes, if you notice any please don't hesitate to point it out.

【J.D.: Judgement Day】
STR 70 AGI 60 CON 70 DEX 60 INT 50 CHA 30
Generic Leather, Fighter Leather

Trigger: Go to Kielce (Move from Byron G10, Fam lvl 30+ required)
Pre-requisite: Family lv30+, finished some Kielce scenario quest/s (will look it up)
Items needed within the quest: For the stance you need 500 Pure Aidanium, 500 Bulk Coal and 500 Ice Crystal.
Special note: You need Raven and Bernelli (recommended to be master, or at least expert) created to progress his quest.

  1. After finishing -Kielce's scenario quest (will look it up)-, move to Kielce Governor's Office (F2) and talk to Kess.
  2. Move to J4 in Kielce, you'll be moved to an instance involving combat with a 30 minute time limit. The monsters are lv117-118 with AR/DR ranging from 58 to 61. They are all human-racial.
  3. Move  to L3 in Kielce, you'll be moved to two non-combat instances. ("Vice-governor Richilieu" -> "Talk in the Red Hat")
  4. With Raven and Bernelli only in your team, move to F3 in Kielce for a mission ("Red Eyed Man") involving combat (30min time limit). After about 2 minutes of conversation, JD shows up (lv 140 / Human / 23.760.000 hp / 72 AR / 1260 atk / 72 DR / 400 def). After a while Raven says you should retreat to The Red Hat, so move to D8.
  5. At D8 you'll be moved to a non-combat mission ("Royal Guard Master") (30min time limit).
  6. Move to F2 in Kielce and talk to William.
  7. Question various soldiers walking around Kielce, finding the 5 correct people/answers. If you talk to a traitor by mistake, you need to bribe them with 5m vis. If you do not have the money on you then you cannot proceed further for that day. When talking to soldiers you get the option to also NOT continue the conversation, like that you can avoid traitors. There should be some sort of pattern to their speech, but we'll have to see that when the patch is here. [This part seemed a little complicated, I couldn't quite understand the mechanic that well]
  8. With Raven and Bernelli only in your team move to F3 in the Resistance Hidout, you'll be moved to a non-combat mission ("Codename: Judgement Day").
  9. With the same MCC2 team move to L3 in Nighttime Kielce for a mission ("Sister Rescue Mission) involving combat. There are lots of guards and your job is to get through the map to Kano's position unnoticed. It's advised to used Red Lollipop here.

    • Wait for the first two guards to fall asleep (Indicated by "Zzzz...zzzz..." speechbubble) and run past them (activate Red Lolli as soon as you see them sleep!)
    • Next is an area with lots of patrolling guards, each surrounded by a shining circle (like the wards of builders), if you walk into it they will notice you a little bit, but not enough to attack you unless you stay long in it. J.D. (lv190!!) is also walking among them -- if he notices you, you fail and cannot do it again that day! (at least to my understanding)
    • Run past another guard (wait for him to sleep), and then another. If the last one wakes up you still have enough time to kill him (with Red Lollipop, run past him and attack him with normal attacks while he runs -- atk speed is more important here than actual power). Go further to meet Kano. If the guard reaches her before you, you most likely fail the mission.
  10. Move to the Red Hat in Kielce, at D8, to enter a non-combat mission ("The Governor's Sister").
  11. With MCC2 Raven & Bernelli, move to F3 in the Resistance Hideout for a mission ("Persuasion") involving combat. The enemies are lv125, human, with 64 AR/DR. You will have J.D. as your ally in this mission (lv140, 72 AR/DR).
  12. Next, move to L3 in Kielce for another combat mission ("Speedy disposition"). J.D. will be your ally in this mission again, while you fight against some musketeers and Reynold. Let J.D. take aggro of the minions while you focus Reynold only.

    The objective is to wound Reynold (human / 68 AR&DR / 9,9k ATK / 120 DEF) to a certain degree (about 1/8th of his HP only -- not very much at all). He uses ranged attacks, an AoE bomb that knocks you down as well as a giant AoE jump. If he hits you alot, it hurts. Keep Bern and Raven on opposite sides of him so both of them never get dmg of his normal atk or bomb at the same time. The jump will probably still hit both if he does it.
  13. Once "Speedy disposition" is cleared, move to D8 in Kielce to enter a non-combat mission ("J.D.'s Choice"). Afterwards you get J.D.'s character card.
【Royal Guard】
Expert stance: Can be used with Sword, Crescent, Great Sword, Saber, Blunt or Rapier
  1. Move to F4 at the Kielce Laboratory Area. Give 500 Pure Aidanium.
  2. Wait for the next day (server-reset, 00:00 in sGE server-time) and give 500 Ice Crystal.
  3. Wait for the next day and give 500 Bulk Coal. You will get the item "BR 254 Zeppelin". With J.D. as leader, use it to learn the stance Royal Guard.


  1. Sadly he won't be released in vB1.0.7 T_T
    His release patch is in vB1.4.0 =(

    1. True that. I wish we'd get him. So handsome. T_T

  2. Really makes me wonder how difficult kess's quest is going to be...with him being the governer of bristia and all.

    Was hoping J.D's quest was going to reveal his real name though...but still though J.D!!

  3. Heyran quest is VERY similar to this one D: http://ge.hanbiton.com/Comm/GM/View.aspx?search_head=%EC%BA%90%EB%A6%AD%ED%84%B0/%EC%8A%A4%ED%83%A0%EC%8A%A4&page=1&post_key=216351

  4. Hi. You have a cool blog and I read it from the very beginning. Could you share experience? I start conquering anew the world of game and I can't pick up to myself 3 characters, which would be suitable for passing of quests alone (well how many I will be able). That would be not boring and at me everything managed to be passed.
    I will be very grateful to you.
    I want buy Lisa linuay+Elisa+Ralf( lionel). What do you think about them?
    I i havent too mach money, but whant the best party/

  5. The prerequsites are...

    [120] Meeting - Three Men
    Prerequisites: Completed Recruit Marchetti quests.
    Reward: White Gold Bar x5.
    Trigger a non-combat mission at Kielce (F2).
    Talk to Kes within the mission.
    Trigger a non-combat mission at Kielce Laboratory (H5/G5).
    Trigger a non-combat mission at Kielce (F2). Marchetti must be in the team.
    Talk to Kes within the mission.

    [120] Doubt - Search the Laboratory
    Reward: White Gold Bar x3, Expert B EXP Card x10.
    Move to Kielce Laboratory (G4).
    Move to Kielce Laboratory (E4).
    Move to Kielce Laboratory (C9/C10).
    Trigger a combat mission at Kielce Laboratory (H10).
    Defeat the spies (Lv.130 Human AR/DR 65) within 30 minutes.
    Trigger a non-combat mission at Kielce (F2).
    Talk to Kes within the mission.
    Trigger a combat mission by clicking on the arrow to move back to Kielce.
    Defeat Blood Navy Soldiers (Lv.140 Human AR/DR 60) within 30 minutes.
    Note: You must complete this quest to proceed with Recruit J.D. quests.



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