6 Feb 2012

【Unlock Evil Weapons】Demonic Jurgen Quest

【Demonic Jurgen】
Version 9.5 Quest
This quest is to unlock the Evil Weapons. (34AR, untradeable, nonsellable)
This quest is also pre-requisite to recruit Ion.
It's recommended to save warps in Byron and at Dr. Torsche.
You cannot save warps in the Gardens, but you can save right in front of the entrance.

  1. Talk to Lionel. Go and investigate the Secret Garden F/G 8. Entry from the guard in Byron Crow Forest for 1 EJ or for free from inside the Lucifer Castle Entrance-map. Go back to Lionel when done.
  2. Talk to Grandice in Ustiur.
  3. Talk to Jenia. She will ask you to kill 100 King Gehcos and 25 Mandragoras in Secret Garden/Moonlight Garden. Talk to Jenia when done; the reward for this tedious task is a mere Medal of Honor G. Please read below for more tips on this hunt.
  4. Talk to Lionel, then to Jenia. Jenia will ask you to investigate the Secret Garden F/G 8. Move to the spot to recieve "Shiny Machine Piece" and come back and talk to Jenia again.
  5. Move to Dr. Torsche's Laboratory and tslk to Dr. Torsche.
  6. Move to the Moonlight Garden F 4/5 to find "Black Machine Piece" and then move back to Dr. Torsche.
  7. Move to Byron and talk with Veronif. You will be moved to a non-combat instance. Talk to Veronif again afterwards.
  8. Move to Auch and talk to Lorch. He will ask you to take him to the Moonlight Garden.
  9. Include Lorch in your team and move to Moonlight Garden F/G 5. You will be moved to a non-combat instance. Grandies will attack you but you will not die from it.
  10. Move to Auch and talk to Lorch. 
  11. Move to Dr. Torsche's Laboratory and talk to Dr. Torsche.
  12. Move to town (Auch/Reboldoeux/Coimbra). A quest will trigger to go back to Dr. Torsche and talk to him.
  13. Move to Byron and try to operate the Time Paradox Machine. Those that finish this quest will have access to a new menu: "Evil Weapons (Repeat)". Clicking this option opens up a menu for accepting various Evil Weapon quests. You can only make 1 weapon at a time. If you wish to cancel your quest and pick another, choose the same quest as first time to cancel it and then pick another.
For the doghunt and mandragorahunt it's advised to go in a squad for faster completion. One person should bring a good tank, the rest DPSers. A Rio would be nice too.

The King Gehcos cannot hit flying and they will most likely not 1-hit ko anyone wth good armor - but a few hits will kill. These dogs are really not that troublesome, you just need to kill so many.

For the Mandragoras beware - they spawn about 3-4 Bees if you get close and those can 1-hit normal characters. Have your tank keep the bees on one side of the corridor while DPSers stay on the other side. 

Some characters like Lionel and Flintlockers have enough range to solo mandragora without spawning Bees. If you run out of Mandragoras in one spot, move to the Moonlight Garden or change channel. Watch out for other monsters/minibosses.


  1. :O Thank you for Following my blog!

  2. Between 1) and 2) you need to talk to Grandice at Ustiur.

    1. Thanks!
      I started to write down the quest only halfway through when I realized it was a relatively major quest... lol

  3. Minun, do you know where to get more info about these evil weapons? Thank you.

    1. If you mean stats/chipping, you can check wordwood.

      If you mean the actual raid done to get the quest-items for evil weapons, then I don't know. Our faction can't do it yet.

  4. do you need to do Time Paradox Machine quest once to finish the whole quest or just checking the TPM will finish it?

    1. You just need to check the machine, no need to do the raid itself.

  5. When is this quest available?I'm from sword 2 and i already finished all the scenario's,so when sword 2 patches to the next update will this be the first quest message that pops up or do i have to do another quest before i can do this?

    1. Hi,

      since I already got this quest automatically when 9.5 was released, I'm unsure. But, I'm pretty sure the scenario to open up the forest and Lucifer Castle may be needed.

  6. Yeah i already finished all scenarios,so is it demonic jurgen and then judgement day and then that's it right?

    1. Yes, it is Demonic Jurgen (aka Garden scenario), then Knock on Hells Gate, then Judgement Day.

  7. You will hunt 50 King gehecos and 15 mandragora

  8. I just did this today, the quest no longer requires the 100 King Gehcos and 25 Mandragoras, now it's 35 Fordoi and 25 Bow Garas from Viron Crow Forest.


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