22 Sep 2011

【GE+ILLUST】 Precious people, glory days and sketches.

Random GE doodles

My friends are precious. And I hope they know that. Happened to see Onion in Auch, PMd and he said him and Reich were going to do BHG. I thought I can join for the fun of it so I did, and what do I know - on of my newer acquaintances, Turkis, was also there!

So after a few runs of BHG we decided to have a posemania. I should also mention I recruited Lionel using Plusle's account and I got appointed Community Crew in the sGE forums, hence I got my lovely permanent Archangel Wings! They fit Lio pretty well. His facial expressions are rather funny though.

Random person in Auch with Punisher stance.

I also found my old harddrive containing my previous computers files. 
I found some of my very first GE screenshots, as well as the first GE screenshot I ever saw, and it's what got me interested in the game. However, back then, it was in Japanese OBT and not yet in english.. After I saw the screenshot it took years for me to actually get the sGE version because my computer and internet couldn't handle the download. Glad I was patient though!

First picture of GE that I ever saw. A fellow Finnish artist was playing the Japanese OBT.

My very first encounter with a Baihu. He randomly came and crasahed the shoot. :D
Mary Poppins?:D


  1. *stares at Lio* tears everywhere. /pets his face gently (what)

    And aahhh., Old GE times.. precious.. QAQ I miss those times so much lol
    And that wizard.... Never though of Mary Poppins before o_O but yeah.. needs an umbrella.

  2. Whe nyou guys get the update I wish you good luck on getting him!:D It's tough lol.

    Precious indeed! I miss it too.. when one would go OOOOH, AAAAH at all the new maps and music hahaha.

  3. How come one Lionel is taller than the other?

  4. I think it's just an illusion of perspective, maybe my wings also give the impression that my Lionel is generally bigger. ;P


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