22 May 2011

【GE+FFXIV】 Quitting sale + Adventures in Erozea

Friends♥ Screenshot/edit courtesy of OnionHolic

Friends and acquaintances in sGE and forums already know, but Plusle and me are both quitting the game, for those who didn't know. For me this only means giving up playing the game, though. I'm still gonna pester the forums and I will keep running this blog! I'm interested in the progress of GE, just not in actually playing it anymore.

I also  still draw GE-fanart, and I've gotten a load of Le Noir for RNPC requests after that Claire-picture! (Upcoming: Gracielo, Baihu, Cath T....)

These were the final bids of mine and Plusle's combined quitting sale. If anyone's interested in sneaking a peek at what we played around with in game, check that.. (it doesn't include characters and items that didn't get bid on)

It's sad to see my babies go. T A T (fam lvl 39+3 >>> 29+3 SOB)

I got invited to the Pokémon™ faction though (lol at everyones reactions. Didn't think people would know me.), by the deputy Pedopalz with whom I've been hanging out with in Auch1 every now and then lately. (I've also raided with the factionleader, Glory ♥) Despite being a quitting-sale I got heaps of new friends during it.

I am also applying for Community Crew at the forum.

Either way,  I've been exploring the world of Erozea - that's right, I actually play that broken of a game, FFXIV. For someone like me, used to F2P MMORPGs, this is quite different... It feels almost unplayable with a keyboard, but thank goodness it's possible to use a PS3 controller. The game is currently F2P though so long as you have the CD-code to activate game and account. I bought a copy for a mere 14USD at Game Stop.

I'm currently at Physical Level 17 with my main class being Lancer at halfway to Rank 22. Other classes I plat include Conjurer, Archer, Pugilist, Leatherworker, Weaver and Blacksmith - all still only around Rank 3-7.

Exploring with friends ♥

Quite frankly, despite all its broken aspects and systems, this game is incredibly beautiful. I'm not even on full graphics and I can still appreciate everything around me. It's possible to turn on Depth of Field, which would make background further away from you blurry, and while that is the epitome of beauty it lags me far too much for me to always have it on. ):


Expedition to Mor Dhona. Monsters lv80++. Epid tower with dragon.

I fell under the map and managed to walk under the sea to take a closer shot of the tower.

General daytime.


Self-exploration of area close to Mor Dhona.

Night-time and showing how the light gets reflected on character during.

Being a weavery Weaver, crafting some robes. :)

gheigheighei we like dicking around in Ul'dah.


  1. awwww... Have fun in the new game :'c

  2. Quiting . . . too bad Q_Q
    Yeah GE get boring after a while the geame is interesting by it self but not realy fun to play after a while.The raid are just repetetive x_x
    I played FF during CB was fun but not much content :/ the crafting was ultra boring took so long to pick each item and the craft and then it just fails D:<
    Im w8ing for the ps3 version to come out lol

  3. Your musk and valeria are in good hands, Minun. I will take care of them.

    It's good to know that you will still be around in the forums. At least not vanish completely. I do hope to see more art from you.. :D

    Have fun playing FFXIV!

  4. @Oli:

    Thank you♥♥


    I'll log in now and then though to talk to the Pokémon™ people :D So I'm not totally gone from the game lol, but yeah I just lost interest in doing the same thing over and over and over, and failing at high-tier raids while being equipped with the current best gear. (LoTD is IMPOSSIBLE with GE current equipments)

    As for crafting in XIV, I actually like it! If you start out with a class that deals damage and get it past Rank 20, that's when the money starts rolling in, you can easily buy materials from others then. :) (and anything you finished crafting will be added to a recipe-list for you to craft again whenever)

    If you do start playing again when PS3 ver comes out, I'm on Rabanastre. :3 (Though I heard Lindblum is also very populated and Besaid is the roleplaying-server)


    I know they are♥
    Yeah.. I really hope I could become a CC there. Despite knowing the community's attitude towards them, it's no problem. At least they can't troll me. :D

  5. too bad youre quitting long time no speak minun ahwell times change and maybe i will see you in game some day good luck with youre new game hope you enjoy it :)

    - hookies

  6. Minun u still playing FF14 D:?
    I got myself the Pc version the last patche got some interesting stuff and sword is realy anyyoine me lately i mean 12k to just end up with a +6 upgread on my conts pistol ~_~
    So,on what server u playing and is it eu friendly :o?
    Heard Lindblum has a lot eu players.

  7. @hooks: Well at least we're in the same faction again now :)

    @Heartlly: Lol yeah, GE sure eats money.. I play on Rabanastre, there are mainly french and japanese people. But I have two buddies there so.. D:


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