13 Oct 2010

【GE+VOCALOID】 Sparkles and Renaissance

Heeeh I like the new fighter costume that was introduced in HCoF.
Anyway not much going on in sGE at the moment but we're getting version 5.0 on the 1st November!
As mentioned on CM Lorenza's Blog it's a peculiar date... 01.11.10! Looking forward to it.

jGE's been having a character creation contest, you can view it on nicovideo.jp if you're registered. If you're on the sGE forums you can view it in General Discussion, I compiled all the entries there.

Sssssoooo I've been drawing a lot of Vocaloid art lately!
And it only continues. orz On the works, a selfdesigned spacecop Miku.

On a side note I managed to order Kira Yoshikage figma, so now the duo is complete. ♥

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